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Week of May 18, 2008

Microsoft sees single device as central to consumer mobile push

"Our focus going forward is not business or consumer, it's business and consumer," Andrew Lees, senior vice president of Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business, told journalists at a press event held at Microsoft HQ in Washington this week.

"People don't see themselves as business or consumer," he added.

"Even the most hardcore business customers want some consumer [features]," agreed Scott Horn, general manager of the Mobile Communications Business' marketing group, speaking to Total Telecom. He noted that the ability to take and share photos is particularly valuable to business people who travel a lot, for example. (Source: Mary Lennighan, Total Telecom)
Posted Friday, May 23 2008 by ChrisD
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FreeCaddie turns your Windows Mobile GPS phone into a gold range-finder

You don't have to be a good golfer to appreciate any little advantage that technology can give you on the greens. I don't think there's a single hole that I've ever swung a club a that didn't result in a double bogey, but that's besides the point.

One thing that might make it a little easier to get closer to par is FreeCaddie. A range-finder won't magically turn your game around, but at least it'll help you choose the right club to humiliate yourself with.

FreeCaddie turns any Windows Mobile smartphone with integrated GPS, or paired with a Bluetooth GPS receiver, into a bonafide range-finder. Using your GPS location, FreeCaddie can tell you the distance from your coordinates to the front, center, and back of the green.  (Source: InfoSync)

Posted Friday, May 23 2008 by ChrisD
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Spb Software Showcases Spb Online Shell at CeBIT Australia

Spb Online Shell is a convergence of online and media tools, targeted to helping mobile network operators expand their online services portfolios and meet high-end customization needs.

Sydney, May 21st, 2008 - Today at CeBIT Australia, Spb Software House, a leading mobile applications vendor, showcased Spb Online Shell - a practical on-device access point to online multimedia content and services. Spb Online Shell will help mobile network operators deliver improved content experiences to subscribers.

Spb Online Shell is an elegant content discovery solution that makes it possible to bring online radio, TV, video-on-demand, weather, gaming, music, and shopping directly to subscribers using Windows Mobile handsets. Set to reinvigorate user enthusiasm for mobile entertainment and data, Spb Online Shell is an easy to use and engaging single entry portal for online services and payments. It is designed to strictly adhere to, and enhance, a carrier's unique identity and brand.

Sebastian-J Schmidt, CEO, Spb Software, said: "The demand for mobile services is strong throughout the world. In Australia, we're now actively seeking partnerships with innovative mobile carriers, and believe that Spb Online Shell will resonate well here, since Australia is an early adopter of 3G and streaming content for mobile devices."

Spb Online Shell uses the engine of Spb Mobile Shell, an application that has been recognized by dozens of respected mobility experts around the world as the user interface improver, which reignites interest in Windows Mobile and changes the device experience completely.

"Not all services are created equal and success is not just about functionality. It ultimately is about the end user experience," said Vassili Philippov, COO, Spb Software. "We have seen a few million iPhones generate more web traffic than all the other web-enabled smartphones put together, so Spb understands that in any delivery, the 'how' is just as important as the 'what'.

To meet the growing demand for online mobile services and to adequately service its partners, Spb plans to set up a separate business entity. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, May 22 2008 by ChrisD
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I can’t believe it... Vista SP1 works! But how?

I was also having two other problems with my pre-SP1 installation of Vista, which had otherwise been working fine.

The first was that I couldn’t get my Windows Mobile Device Centre WMDC to work with an Ultimate 9502 Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone, nor could I install Norton 360 Version 2.0, which I had receive from Symantec to test as a review copy.

The WMDC just wouldn’t open, and if I tried installing the update from the web, it would get to half-a-millimetre away from the green bar completing the installation before deciding to give up and just reverse the installation process.  (Source: Alex Zaharov-Reutt, iTWire)
Posted Thursday, May 22 2008 by ChrisD
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HTC partners with i2 and Authentec in run-up to launch HTC Care program

From mid 2008, HTC clients can enjoy a wide range of customised after-sales services through HTC’s regional service partners i2 and Authentec.
Under the program, i2, one of the largest mobile phone distributors and retailers in the Middle East and Africa; and Authentec, a leading mobility service provider in the Gulf; will provide personalised consultations on HTC products, facilitate quick and efficient warranty repairs, and monitor the progress of devices under repair.

The HTC resellers will also provide a temporary replacement device for repairs that require extended periods.  (Source: AME Info)
Posted Tuesday, May 20 2008 by ChrisD
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E-TEN introduces Ultra-thin VGA Pocket Phone

X500+ phone E-TEN Information Systems has come up with the new X500+, an ultra-thin VGA Pocket PC Phone. This mobile phone has been designed with an improved Auto-Macro camera. X500+ runs on Windows Mobile 6 platform. It also offers you the visual and agronomical benefits of a larger screen-area.  (Source: Mobiletor)
Posted Tuesday, May 20 2008 by ChrisD
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SkyBox - Improve Your Pocket PC


 It comes with smooth animations, advanced graphic effects and it is very configurable so you can have your device do exactly what you need. Other features include:

* Fast access to the vital functions of the device
* Easy to use and fingerfriendly
* It is endlessly configurable
* Powerful features and registry hacks
* Custom titlebar, Infoscreen, Menu, Settings
* Powerful graphic options including alphablending, fading, and shadows

You can watch several videos showing Skybox in action, as each of its features is well documented for easy use: Videos

Skybox has 16 days free trial period, so take advantage of this offer and visit www.teksoftco.com now, or click the button below to download a PocketPC CAB file directly. Download

(Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, May 18 2008 by ChrisD
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