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Week of July 17, 2005

New Pocket PC Software Helps Simplify Data Collection from Instruments

Applied PDA Software announces the release of PocketDAQ v2.0, Professional Edition.

PocketDAQ Pro is a Pocket PC application that allows users to collect and examine data in real-time, and with greater speed and accuracy from devices such as:

- barcode scanners
- GPS receivers
- sensor equipment
- other data loggers
- RFID instruments
- scales and balances

and a multitude of other instruments which can be connected to Pocket PC's using RS232 serial communications, infrared, or wireless Bluetooth.

The "Pro" Edition provides a new and improved graphical user interface with many more features than before, including logging, enhanced filtering capabilities, and relaying incoming serial data directly into Pocket Excel or any running application. As well users now have the ability to save configuration settings for instruments.

PocketDAQ Pro supports mobile devices using the Windows Mobile 2002/2003/Second Edition operating system. A 14 day trial is available for download at http://www.appliedpda.com/Products.html, or the FULL version can be purchased for $74.95 USD; which comes with free unlimited technical support plus free minor revision upgrades.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, July 21 2005 by ChrisD
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Xrgomics launches Thumb version of TenGO

TenGOSingapore - Xrgomics (pronounced Zer-gore-mix), a company that specializes in Human Interface Technology (HIT), looks set to capitalize on the success of their highly raved soft keyboard technology, TenGOTM, today officially announced the launch of TenGO ThumbTM for the Pocket PC (WM2003 OS). With the popularity of Pocket PC Phone editions increasing, the ability to type easily with one hand or text with fingers and thumbs on the Pocket PC becomes important. Utilizing the successful TenGO engine, Xrgomics continues using the simple QWERTY design of 6 large main alphabet keys, except that the keys now are even larger to make it thumb friendly. Six thumb usable keys for typing means typing could easily be done with one hand much like a mobile phone. To top it all off, TenGO Thumb now comes with eye catching graphics.

This keyboard comes with several unique and innovative features and benefits:

TenGOTM is Pocket PC Magazine - Judge's Favorite Software for 2004. Essentially, TenGO segments the conventional QWERTY keyboard to just 6 large alphabet keys without rearranging the letters and forcing users to learn a new keyboard layout.

Ken Tan, founder and CEO of Xrgomics said, "We have received many requests and enquiries for a finger friendly version of TenGO. This seems like a natural next step for Xrgomics, which is to develop a phone friendly version of TenGO." He also added "The simplified 6 key layout makes TenGO ideal for thumb and finger input and the utilization of the QWERTY arrangement means 2 thumb typing becomes quick and easy."

For users, the thumb version of TenGO means on the move single handed is not only possible, especially on the Pocket PC, but fast, simple and easy.

TenGO Thumb is now available for download with free 14 days full trial version. The registered version costs $12.95. More information can be viewed at http://www.tengo.net/tengo_download.html. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, July 21 2005 by ChrisD
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