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Week of April 17, 2005

VITO VoiceDialer 3.6: Discount 30% off! Only 11.15$!

VITO VoiceVITO VoiceDialer is voice recognition and dialing software for your Pocket PC.

Choosing the contacts to dial manually from the address book is slow, boring and even dangerous if you drive. With VoiceDialer, you can just pronounce a name without pressing anything!

Voice dialing is the only thing, which your Pocket PC doesn't have yet. While it has already become a standard for every phone to have a voice dialing system, Pocket PC's generally miss this option. VITO VoiceDialer fills this gap.

VoiceDialer uses voice commands that you record by yourself, thus it understands any language, even your dog's barking! Your dog can finally call you, isnt't it great?

VITO VoiceDialer is compatible with all versions and editions of Windows Mobile. If you have a Phone Edition device (for example iMate, XDA and MDA series, Qtek), VITO VoiceDialer will use the integrated dialer; if you have a general Pocket PC, VITO VoiceDialer will establish a Bluetooth, infrared or cable connection with your cellphone.

Commands can be assigned to certain phone numbers from Contacts database
Based on Voice Recognition Engine originally developed by VITO Technology
Provides precise and accurate voice recognition even in poor conditions
NEW! Voice tags can be backed up and restored
NEW! You can hear the name of the caller
Support of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
With CCF files support you can download settings for your equipment from the internet, and even use the original remote controls' interface! (Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, April 22 2005 by ChrisD
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Resco Releases Photo Viewer v5.30

New release containing a lot of improvements for beginners as well as for professional users.

Resco, a leading provider of end-user mobile applications, today announced availability of a new release of one of the best selling applications — Resco Photo Viewer.

The current process of digitalization has caused a boom in digital camera sales. The devices are becoming smaller, and more powerful and their quality improves rapidly. Resco has spotted this trend already some 5 years ago, when it started to develop its own viewer for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform. Currently, Resco Photo Viewer is the most popular PocketPC based photo viewer. Besides allowing to organize a large number of pictures, it enables copying, cropping and resizing, and offers a plethora of other standard editing functions. Out of the box it allows to add annotations in form of text, sound or drawings.

Resco s.r.o. now released version 5.30 with numerous improvements in terms of speed and memory use optimization. Part of the new version is the new ActiveSync filter allowing conversion of PowerPoint presentations. The editing capabilities of the application have been extended and improved as well.

“Our aim is to offer the advanced user a high-quality application which remains transparent and easy to use despite its numerous functions. We hope that by releasing the new version we have made a step towards this objective”,
said Marcel SAFFA, Resco Product Manager.

The latest version can be found at: http://www.resco.net/pocketpc/photoviewer/

“Resco Photo Viewer is just another of the many successful applications made by Resco. The application remains quite straightforward despite the large number of functions. It provides an excellent speed and photo display quality and a broad array of functions”,
said Hal Goldstein Executive Editor and Publisher Pocket PC magazine.
(Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, April 22 2005 by ChrisD
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Microsoft ties LCS to mobile devices

"When someone leaves the office they lose most of that [IM] real time connectivity that people are finding so valuable. Now imagine being able to step out of the office and still have that presence capability and the ability to shoot a quick instant message. It increases the speed of business," Kelly said.

The mobile client will run on Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0. Three types of devices will immediately be supported: the Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone. (Source: Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service, ComputerWorld)

Posted Tuesday, April 19 2005 by ChrisD
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Astraware launches Lifestyle channel

Astraware is pleased to announce the launch of their new Lifestyle channel. From 18th April 2005 a selection of the best lifestyle applications for Palm OS(R), Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC and Smartphone, and Symbian Series 60 and UIQ are available from the Astraware website for the first time.

"Our customers come to us for the best in games, and often ask us for additional software," commented Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. "Our Lifestyle channel extends our catalog with only the best quality titles, so Astraware customers can be confident that the software we carry all meets our extremely high standards."

Astraware Lifestyle features five categories; Reference, Security, Business, Productivity and Recreation, which bring together more than 20 applications selected by the Astraware team from customer requests. The programs are used on a daily basis by the Astraware team on their own devices so they really are tried and tested! The software includes travel tools, music players, blogging software, money managers and reference guides - a full range of software to really enhance your mobile device and your lifestyle.

The Astraware Lifestyle channel gathers together software from a range of great developers: Aerodrome Software, Chapura, Deluxeware, Electric Pocket, Ilium Software, LandWare, Llamagraphics, Red Mercury, SplashData and Ultrasoft. For more information, visit Astraware Lifestyle at: http://www.astraware.com/lifestyle. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, April 18 2005 by ChrisD
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BVRP Software launches Pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro in the US with a 25% discount

BVRP Software (http://www.bvrp.com) developer of the award-winning Pocket PhoneTools software, today announced a three day promotion offering a 25% discount to visitors who purchase this PDA software from their website that is located at: http://www.bvrp.com/link_pocketphonetools.htm

Your 25% Discount Code: POCKET

Pocket PhoneTools features a wide range of capabilities including Fax, SMS, Internet Connection Manager, Dialer and Contact Phonebook. From one program, Pocket PhoneTools enables users full access to their Pocket PC communication abilities.

Pocket PhoneTools, http://www.bvrp.com/link_pocketphonetools.htm allows users to send and receive faxes from their Pocket PC. With communication features like fax annotation, multiple recipient transmission & word document attachment, users can send professional quality faxes while out of the office. Pocket PhoneTools also lets you preview your faxes as you prepare them and check the transmission of a fax in real-time.

With Pocket PhoneTools’ voice enabled GSM/GPRS Compact Flash or PCMCIA card, users can perform mobile phone functions on their pocket PC including make and receive phone calls, view call history, manage contacts, voice mail, and send/receive faxes. Also the Contact Phonebook enables Pocket PhoneTools users to synchronize and transfer their pocket PC contacts to their mobile phone. Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, Pocket PhoneTools users have access to the most mobile phone options available.

Pocket PhoneTools automatically configure your pocket PC Internet Connection and uses GPRS, WAP or GSM data to connect yourself to the Internet. The Internet Connection Manager enables users to connect to the Internet in one click, so they can surf the web or exchange e-mails at a high-speed Internet connection.

BVRP Software introduced the premier version of Pocket PhoneTools to the European Market in 2002. Since it’s debut, Pocket PhoneTools was featured as a finalist in the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards and was regarded as a "good all-in-one communication solution," said Helio Diamant, expert judge for the Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards. Some of Pocket PhoneTools also received top ratings from Handango, 5 out of 5, and PDA Center. "If you use your Pocket PC to communicate from the road, Pocket PhoneTools could be your dream come true," said Microsoft.com Reviews.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 17 2005 by ChrisD
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BallShoter 4 YearsThis April we (BallShooter Games) celebrate our 4th birthday. We want to congratulate our customers with this date, so we have improved our support policy.

Now we are ready to provide an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee! It means if you encounter any technical problem, or you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just tell us and we will refund the full purchase price within 30 days of the original purchase date! No questions asked. No strings attached. 100% RISK FREE.

BallShooter prides itself on a high level of customer satisfaction and support and we want to satisfy each our customer with the software he/she purchase from BallShooter! (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 17 2005 by ChrisD
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One man produces an atmospheric adventure for the Pocket PC, combining puzzles, arcade action, and RPG elements

 Curse of the Pharaohs, the debut release from Just Mobile Games (http://www.justmobilegames.com), is now available for the Pocket PC. In a format particularly suited to the Pocket PC, the game combines elements from the puzzle, action and RPG genres to produce a quality retro adventure which should appeal to fans of all three genres.

The adventure stars Harold Huxley, an intrepid English archaeologist, who is pitted against the mysterious Cult of Anubis. Harold puts his faith in his revolver, machete, dynamite and hammer as he runs, jumps, crawls and grabs his way through each level.

"I wanted to create a game with a more adult atmosphere than the typical cartoon-like Pocket PC games," says Justin Topham, the man behind Curse of the Pharaohs. In addition to programming the game engine, Justin is responsible for sound, graphics, music, storyline and level design.

"I also wanted to create a retro game that wasn’t just an exercise in cloning the past. Therefore it was critical to use the Pocket PC’s potential and create a rich, cinematic and interactive game environment. Harold Huxley can do a lot in Curse of the Pharaohs so the first level is a tutorial to get the player trained up. I didn’t want to just dump people in at the deep end."

The game captures the gore made popular in the 90s 3D games and reproduces it in a retro game. Flying body parts, death screams, splats and blood are included, but so is a liberal dose of dark humor.

Curse of the Pharaohs borrows ideas from RPG games including an easy to manage inventory and pre-expedition visits to a bazaar to stock up on supplies, allowing the players to manage the resources at their disposal.

Exploration is another important aspect of the game. Each level in the game is large, far bigger than the actual screen of the Pocket PC. In many levels, alternative pathways can be taken while the player searches for the exit.

In creating Curse of the Pharaohs, Justin fulfilled a lifelong ambition to program a computer game that brought to life a world a little different from our own.

This action adventure for the Pocket PC features:

Classic retro gaming with no cute little monsters anywhere in site.
Great atmos with some gore tastefully applied.
30 massive levels each with a unique theme.
Immersive storyline starring the intrepid archaeologist Harold Huxley.
Interactive tutorial to help you master Harold's movements (running, jumping, grabbing etc.).
Vicious enemies who really know you are there.
Harold's revolver, machete and dynamite. Hit back hard with these and other weapons.
The deadly curse. Race against time to cure this hideous affliction.
RPG elements, such as experience points and an inventory, which add depth to the gameplay.
Easy to learn interface and a fully configurable control system.
Treasure to collect and spend in the local bazaar.
Secrets to learn which unlock hidden levels.
Sand and stone blocks to move around. Position them to gain access to unreachable areas.
Save game slots which can be used at any time. No boring replays from the last checkpoint.

Curse of the Pharaohs costs $9.99. A large, 2 level demo can be downloaded from the Just Mobile Games (http://www.justmobilegames.com) website. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Astraware joins forces with Game Republic to enhance their GRIPP programme

 The Game Republic Integrated Prototype Production (GRIPP) programme aims to provide developers with guidance and support from publishers, format-holders and development agencies prior to committing to full development, thus helping businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber region working in the videogames industry better manage the financial risk associated with creating computer games.

Astraware's involvement with the GRIPP programme will take the form of help for developers of games for handheld devices running Palm OS(R), Windows Mobile(TM) software and Symbian. Astraware's expertise in this field is well established, with 7 years experience in the area of handheld game development and publishing. In addition to helping develop the games for these platforms, Astraware will offer extensive knowledge of publishing and selling games internationally, with a particular emphasis on the American market.

"We're pleased to be involved with the GRIPP programme, to continue to help other companies who are trying to establish a position in the handheld and mobile space," said Howard Tomlinson, CEO and co-founder of Astraware. "This new kind of collaboration, pioneered by Game Republic, is a sign that the British games industry is moving forwards and naturally, we're extremely proud to be part of it."

The programme has been put together by Yorkshire-based Game Republic in conjunction with Screen Yorkshire. GRIPP will remove some of the risk associated with obtaining publishing agreements. This offers developers and investors more security than ever before. Games are submitted to the programme prior to any development taking place through a simple process which is standardised for all consoles and handsets. If it receives approval at this stage, it will be eligible for support and funding through to prototype stage.

"We are very pleased to work so closely with Astraware," added Michael Crampton, General Manager, Game Republic. "Their experience in development and publishing on handheld devices and the presence they have in this market, especially internationally, will be very valuable to the members of GRIPP."

In joining GRIPP, Astraware Limited is added to the ranks of high profile companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Microsoft Europe and Nokia, who have already committed to the GRIPP programme. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 17 2005 by ChrisD
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