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Week of October 17, 2004

Fast Swapper Halloween edition - grab it absolutely for free!

"Ballshooter  Games  released  100%  free  Pocket PC game "Fast Swapper Halloween edition".

Dark  night,  scary  image  and  gothic  music are waiting for you. Be hurry,  this  special  edition  of Fast Swapper is available till this Halloween only!

The  rules of Fast Swapper are very simple, your aim is to get as many points  as you can by swapping three or more adjacent items vertically and horizontally.

Get the Halloween Fast Swapper on www.ballshooter.com" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, October 22 2004 by ChrisD
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New version of PenReader handwriting recognition software has been released

"Paragon Software (SHDD) is proud to announce the release of the new version of PenReader - multilingual handwriting recognition software for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile. PenReader is the only software software product in the world, supporting 28 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Greek and Russian. New version of PenReader is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Editon. The new improved core especially adopted for English handwriting recognition." (Source: PocketGear)
Posted Friday, October 22 2004 by ChrisD
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Mobile Application Development Toolkit

"The Mobile Application Development Toolkit provides all the resources you need to start building mobile applications for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone and Pocket PC devices. Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Compact Framework enable you to build Windows Mobile-based applications quickly and efficiently, whether you want to create an entirely new mobile solution or extend a current desktop application to mobile devices.

Choose Your Learning Style

Do you prefer to dive right in and play with code samples? Or, do you prefer a more guided, step-by-step approach to programming? Regardless of your style, you will find this DVD a useful resource for developing mobile applications. Included on this DVD are:

Posted Friday, October 22 2004 by ChrisD
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Java On Pocket PC Devices

"Have you ever wondered how to create Java applications for Pocket PC devices? These gadgets have become come more and more popular with businesspeople, students, and other folks who appreciate the connections to Microsoft Office applications. Read Mikko Kontio's tips on how to get started and where to find more information." (Source: Mikko Kontio, Inform IT)
Posted Friday, October 22 2004 by ChrisD
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Black Core Logic - THE Cyberpunk Adventure for PPC !

"It is the dark, distopian future. Corporations now run what is left of a once egalitarian cyberspace network. New corporation built software monitors and inhibits every move made on the net. Nobody is safe. Even you. Rumours of a revolutionary new kind of Logic bomb are rife. One which will once again bring freedom to the virtual world, which will end the tyranny of the corporations and bring them to their knees.

The rumour has a name : Black Core Logic.

Featuring a gripping storyline with stunning graphics, 100+ locations, Intuitive Stylus driven control, Load/Save at any point and Cut scenes.
FOR POCKET PC ...... $19.95  
" (Source: Press Release)
Posted Thursday, October 21 2004 by ChrisD
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Audiovox 5600 Smartphone Review

"I’m in love—with a phone.  I have never seen a phone that is as cool as this one is.  It has everything in it I could possibly want, and comes as close as anything does to having me think about giving up my Pocket PC Phone edition. (not yet-just thinking)


First of all the phone is slick.  It is a candy bar shape, small, and easy to hold.  The keys have a nice touch to them and I was comfortable in using the phone in just a short period of time. All the settings are correct and, right from the get go, I was able to connect to the Internet, use MMode, and download my email.   I set up three email accounts right away including an exchange server. All of my email accounts, MMS, and text messaging are in an area that is called messaging. This section is easy to use and a nice feature is that it allows me to control what I want to download—the entire message, a certain amount of a message, or just the headers.  This is an excellent way to control the amount of data you use.  It allows me to have even more email accounts if I want them. What a great way to keep in touch with people.  Wherever I am I can connect to the Internet using GPRS and obtain my latest calendar information, update my contacts, and check my email." (Source: Cheryl Wester, Pocket PC FAQ formerly CEWindows.NET)
Posted Wednesday, October 20 2004 by ChrisD
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5.5 Digit Dual Channel Digital Multimeter

"The new Graphic-DMM by HACKER-DatenTechnik changes every PDA equipped with a CF or PCMCIA slot into a 5.5 digit dual channel Digital Multimeter.

5.5 digit DMM supports PDAs and all CF slots

(PRWEB) October 20, 2004 -- The Graphic-DMM is a new concept in test equipment that allows a PDA, Notebook, Tablet-PC and all Systems equipped with a CF or PCMCIA slot to be turned into a dual channel Graphic Digital Multimeter with sophisticated analysis capabilities. Smart Analysis software facilitates step-by-step fault investigation with instant display of results and an interactive diagnostic guide. With the Graphic-DMM it is possible to integrate multiple measurement functions into a single hardware and software platform, providing high-level analysis features and a small, lightweight and portable unit.

The Graphic-DMM contains 2 independent Digital Multimeters, connected to a Compact Flash type I interface. The DMMs are Galvanically isolated from the CF interface for safety and the two channels also isolated from each other. Each channel has its own ADC and front-end circuitry.

This means that each channel is floating relative to the other, and to the host, allowing simultaneous measurement of signals with widely different ground potentials

The Graphic-DMM adds to the functionality normally found on classic DMMs, in particular it allows sample rates from lower than 1S/s up to 40kS/s on each channel and has a 1Mbit internal buffer (16kSamples pairs) allowing long data record depths and oscilloscope-like capabilities. Using host software it is possible to create a versatile instrument that can perform accurate DC measurements, display signal waveforms and allow triggering and data logging.

Lots of Applications
Laboratory: Portable (in your PDA), multichannel data capture systems with high resolution and precision, with high data logging capacity. Applications include education, automobile industry, petroleum and natural gas industry, manufacturing industry.
Production: Networkable mobile or fixed measuring systems for Quality Control (QC) and general plant supervision and production.
Service: Portable (in your laptop), universal and special measuring equipment (multimeter, scope) for radio, TV, HVAC, automobile servicing and repair.

In combination with a CF-PCCARD adapter the Graphic-DMM can be used in every PC-Card slot equipped computer like Notebooks, Tablet-PCs or PC104 based embedded systems and with an Elan PCI-PCCard adapter it can also be used in every standard Desktop, Compact PCI and PXI systems.

The Graphic-DMM costs 615 EUR and includes a ready-to-work DMM application. Optional are special DMM drivers available for Windows CE, Pocket PC, VB, VC and LabVIEW for PDA. Special OEM custom applications and OEM hardware modifications are available on request.
A detailed User Guide is also available on request." (Source: Press Release, eMediaWire)

Posted Wednesday, October 20 2004 by ChrisD
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JAVOedge Releases Dell Axim X3 / X3i / X30 JAVOSkin Case

"Good News! We like to notify everyone our recent release of JAVOSkin - Dell Axim X3 / X3i / X30 Skin Case with detachable belt clip is now available. You can order it now at our store www.javoedge.com.

Currently, we are selling them at USD $28.95 for single pack or Bundle pack (JAVOSkin + JAVOScreen + JAVOSync ) for USD $43.88

Please click to the link below for more information and photos of the products.

Single Pack    Bundle Deal

Please stay tune at http://www.javoedge.com/simtrix/jsp/news.jsp  for more information on new product releases.

Dell Axim X50 Cases Coming Soon! " (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 19 2004 by ChrisD
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Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Slides 2.0 for Pocket PC

"Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced  today the release of Pocket Slides 2.0, a fully featured presentation solution for the Windows Powered Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition-compatible devices.

Pocket Slides enables users to employ presentations on their mobile  device by viewing and giving presentations, and is the only product on  the market that permits the creation and editing of presentations on the  mobile device. Existing presentations from Microsoft® PowerPoint® can be  transferred from the desktop to the device using Pocket Slides'  Conversion software.

Pocket Slides 2.0 improves upon earlier versions by increasing the overall product strength- adding seven global languages, broader support for VGA hardware and remote controls, sound and music support. The four main uses of presentations-creation, viewing, editing, and presenting-have all been improved and expanded with Pocket Slides 2.0.  


Pocket Slides 2.0 supports the latest devices running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition while retaining support for all other Pocket PC and Handheld PC 2000 devices.  Pocket Slides fully supports devices with VGA-resolution screens (HiDPI), where slides are shown in crisp detail, as well as on-the-fly landscape mode switching. In addition to the revamped "Normal view," two new view modes have been added to Pocket Slides-"Fullscreen view," for large slide previews, and "Thumbnail view" for quick navigation.

Pocket Slides 2.0 now includes full product usage in seven global languages-Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Full Unicode support is now available for presentation files. Sporting a newly streamlined interface, the desktop Pocket Slides Conversion software utilizes PowerPoint® (97 through 2003) to transform a user's existing PowerPoint® presentations into Pocket Slides presentations. The conversion process retains more of the user's existing information than in previous versions with support for bundling external files, images, sounds and music. New in 2.0 is a button added
to the PowerPoint® interface-one click and the active presentation is converted.

A template pack has been bundled with 2.0 containing six new presentation layouts for various graphical designs, and three presentation outlines such as "Project Overview" and "Company Meeting," that take advantage of the new editing capabilities of Pocket Slides. Other PowerPoint® templates can be converted into Pocket Slides templates by using the Pocket Slides Conversion software.


Pocket Slides 2.0 greatly expands on editing functionality by adding features that facilitate creation of entire slides and complete presentations on the device. The slides of a presentation are richer with 2.0-each slide has a customizable background, layout and a color scheme. Pocket Slides supports 15 different slide layouts-facilitating slide construction and shape placement. Master slides are supported allowing the user to add shapes and customize the background and location of text for all slides in a presentation.

Shapes and slide backgrounds can be filled with a color or effect in Pocket Slides 2.0. All PowerPoint®-type fill effects are included; transparency can be used and gradients can be customized in color and direction. Textures (24 are included) and patterns (such as "stripes" or "crosshatch") are now supported. The user can also supply a picture or texture to be used as a fill effect.

Other editing features include interaction with the Clipboard. The user can now copy the slide image to paste into Pocket Word documents and vice versa, or export a slide image to a file. Pocket Slides 2.0 adds support for shape shadows-20 shadow types varying in style and direction enhance the visual appeal of a slide. Text shapes now support vertical alignment and can be snapped to the top, middle or bottom of a text box.

Pocket Slides 2.0 adds an Arrow shape and Annotation shape. Arrow shapes are simple lines that have optional start and ending arrowheads. Annotation shapes are drawn onto the slide with the stylus and can also have arrowheads attached, which are helpful when pointing to an object on a slide for emphasis. Pocket Slides supports the same arrowhead types as PowerPoint®-six arrowheads with nine sizes each.


Pocket Slides 2.0 incorporates all animations and transitions of  Microsoft® PowerPoint® and new animation effects such as "dim after animation" and "flash once"-permitting more flexibility when designing the animation builds. Transition speeds and the ability to animate "under" other objects are now supported.

Shape Action Settings are now fully supported in Pocket Slides 2.0. Shapes can act as triggers to out-of-order slides, which enable shapes to act as navigational buttons. Sound effects and hyperlinks can also be added to these actions. Through this method, Pocket Slides can link to web pages or other media files, such as video clips.

As with earlier versions of Pocket Slides, the user can draw on a slide during a presentation to emphasize discussion points and encircle shapes. Pocket Slides 2.0 adds the ability to save these markups to the presentation as Annotation shapes (with pen color and width) to be referenced later or for conversion back into PowerPoint®.

Pocket Slides 2.0 boasts fully featured sound support with several existing animation sound effects such as "applause" or "chimes" and user-supplied sounds that can be inserted into slides. Standard WAV files can be added to slides (or converted from PowerPoint® presentations) and music can be added (MP3 or WMA) to a presentation. Conduits' music program Pocket Player is required for music playback.

Pocket Slides 2.0 further expands remote control device support. In addition to generic Infrared and VGA remote controls, 2.0 adds support for various Bluetooth-enabled devices, and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone can now be set up to control Pocket Slides during a presentation. Certain mobile phones can be used, including various Sony and Nokia models.

Pocket Slides 2.0 is available as a 30-day commercial demo from http://www.conduits.com, where the user can download and evaluate the  software.

Pocket Slides 2.0 is available for purchase at $39.95. More information, including a full list of features, complete documentation and screenshots can be found on the Pocket Slides website at: http://www.conduits.com/products/slides/. Upgrades for customers who purchased Pocket Slides 1.X before April 1st 2004, are priced at $19.95 from http://store.conduits.com/posl2up.html.

Conduits develops commercial applications for Pocket PC, including  Pocket Player (an alternative music player), Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program) and seven other Pocket PC products. " (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 19 2004 by ChrisD
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PDAs, Tablets, and the art of not selling

"Your PDA can do that?

PDAs at the base level are consumer electronics, much like the iPod or other MP3 players being introduced almost every day. You see audio players everywhere you turn- the internet, TV ads, magazine ads, on the street. Stay with me and you'll see where I'm heading with this. I realize that PDAs are now sophisticated little computers that can do much more than play music. But how many people on the street know they are fantastic MP3 players? How many times have you been listening to music on your PDA while doing something else and had someone in public tell you "I didn't know it could do that"? Why don't they know that? Because there is no mainstream advertising. OEMs have been happy to depend on PDA enthusiasts to do most of the marketing for their products. I can't remember a single advertising campaign on television aimed at showing prospective consumers what these devices can easily do. Apple got it with the iPod ad campaigns they've been running non-stop since the introduction of the iPod. It's no wonder they are dominating the portable music player market segment. Everybody knows what an iPod does. Even Aunt Ruthie knows what an iPod does. But I keep hearing over and over "I didn't know it could do that" in reference to something I am doing on my PDA. No advertising from PDA makers equals low sales. I'm no marketing expert but that's pretty basic stuff.

What if you had a portable music player that could surf the web, check your email, let you look up those sales figures you need, read ebooks, browse magazines, remind you of an upcoming appointment, give you that phone number you need, play video games, do crossword puzzles, look up reference material, etc. etc. The average PDA today can do ALL THAT and more but the only consumers who know that are dedicated enthusiasts who already own one. Why have OEMs failed to educate the neophyte with proper advertising? Beats me. But it doesn't take a genius to understand why they don't generate sales volume. Ignorance equals low sales." (Source: jkOnTheRun Blog)

Posted Tuesday, October 19 2004 by ChrisD
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Italy Wirelessly Enables Its Senators With ACCESS Netfront Internet Browser for Pocket PC

"ACCESS Co., Ltd., (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access technologies, announced that Cartesio S.p.A, one of Italy's most renowned systems integrators, declared ACCESS' NetFront v3.1 browser for Pocket PC as the best, all-round Internet browser available for Pocket PC devices and selected it as the browser solution to wirelessly enable Senate members of the Republic of Italy. Cartesio S.p.A favored NetFront v3.1 browser for Pocket PC over Microsoft's own Pocket Internet Explorer browser.

The Senate of the Republic of Italy was looking for a wireless solution that would allow its members to securely access email and back-office applications while they are away from the office. Cartesio S.p.A, assisting the Senate with its decision, found NetFront 3.1 for Pocket PC to be the best, all-around Internet browser currently available for Pocket PC environments and devices as well as the best choice to support the requirements from the Italian Senate.

"The Senate of the Republic of Italy tasked us to supply them with the most advanced and flexible wireless solution, one that could be easily integrated with its current email and back-office environment," said Mario Aurelio Forgione, president of Cartesio S.p.A. "After carefully reviewing offerings from several vendors in the space, we selected ACCESS' NetFront browser as the best solution to support the Senate's current and future requirements."

"ACCESS has worked very hard to provide the most advanced browser technologies to the broadest number of mobile platforms, including the Pocket PC platform," said Toru Arakawa, president and CEO of ACCESS. "The decision by Cartesio S.p.A to use NetFront v 3.1 browser for Pocket PC to wirelessly enable the Senate of the Republic of Italy demonstrates that the mobile market is responding positively to our efforts." " (Source: PRNewswire)
Posted Monday, October 18 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC Talk Adds New RSS/HTML Channels

"Now you can get the type of Pocket PC news you want via RSS or HTML. Pocket PC Talk now offers new RSS and HTML channels for Press Releases, News Articles and Reviews.  These channels are subsets of the current news available from Pocket PC Talk."  (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC Talk)
Posted Sunday, October 17 2004 by ChrisD
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