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Week of October 16, 2005

BoxWave is excited to announce the new ActiveCase for HP iPAQ hw6500 Series!

boxwave hw6500 caseDesign truly meets form and funcion as the crystal-clear design of ActiveCase enables you to view your calendar and contacts conveniently, reducing the hassle of having to open a case! Its solid construction protects your LifeDrive while locking the handheld securely into place. ActiveCase is custom contoured shaped to perfectly fit to the shape of your iPAQ hw6500!

Better yet, ActiveCase for your iPAQ hw6500 includes a high quality, simple-to-use, and detachable belt clip and an SD card holder! (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, October 21 2005 by ChrisD
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Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Overview

Mobile E-Mail Improvements

SP2 offers a huge leap forward in mobility capabilities. With SP2, Exchange Server 2003 can offer a significantly improved Microsoft Outlook experience on mobile devices as well as additional security and device control. As always, the Exchange ActiveSync protocol does not require expensive software or outsourcing fees to access data on your server running Exchange Server.

The mobility enhancements in SP2 give you:

New seamless Direct Push Technology e-mail experience. No longer is there a reliance on short message service (SMS) to notify and ensure that your device automatically retrieves new e-mail from your Exchange server. SP2 uses an HTTP connection, maintained by the device, to push new e-mail messages, calendar, contact, and task notifications to the device.

Additional data compression translating to a faster experience when sending and receiving messages and reduced sync times.

Additional Outlook properties, including support for task synchronization and pictures in your list of contacts. In addition, you can now look up people by using the Global Address List (GAL) over the air.

Greater control over device security, including:

Policy setting. Unlock a device with a password.

Local wipe. Decide how many incorrect logon attempts are permitted before your data might be at risk.

Remote wipe. Lost, stolen, or misplaced devices are never out of reach. You decide when it’s prudent to reset devices remotely over the Web.

Such policies help to ensure corporate data or applications are not compromised when devices are lost or get into the wrong hands.

New optional support for certificate-based authentication to eliminate the need to store corporate credentials on a device.

Added support for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) to sign and encrypt messages coming to and from mobile devices.

For details about the other mobility features in Exchange Server 2003, see the Mobility in Exchange Server 2003 page.

Most mobile e-mail improvements, with the exception of support for tasks and for pictures in contacts lists, require that your device or the software on the devices be compatible with Exchange Server 2003 SP2. Windows Mobile–based devices require the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0.

Licensees of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol can take advantage of these improvements through updates to their messaging applications or devices. The roadmap for those devices is owned and managed by the licensee.

If you have installed Microsoft Windows Media Player, you can see the Messaging and Security Feature Pack in action:

View video at 5 megabits per second (Mbps)

View video at 2 Mbps

View video at 300 kilobits per second

To see how the "heartbeat" of Direct Push Technology keeps your mobile device up to date, view screenshots of the GAL Lookup and of other features, and more, register on the Microsoft Events site to watch the Secure and Scalable Messaging with Windows Mobile 5.0 webcast. (Source: Microsoft Website)

Posted Thursday, October 20 2005 by ChrisD
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Better Together: Windows Mobile 5.0 and Exchange Server 2003

Maintain your productivity on business trips or when working away from your desk with your Microsoft Windows Mobile–based device connecting to Exchange Server 2003. You can stay in touch with co-workers and clients, keep track of appointments, and monitor your tasks from devices that are compact and easy-to-use. From the same Windows Mobile–based device, you can gain access to your line of business applications or work on important documents in familiar tools like Microsoft Office Mobile. The best part is that your access to Exchange Server data has no added cost for your company. Windows Mobile–based devices are directly integrated with Exchange Server 2003 through the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. There is no requirement to deploy a middleware solution or pay for any client access or subscription fees. (Source: Microsoft Website)
Posted Thursday, October 20 2005 by ChrisD
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IntelliGolf® Ships for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5-based Pocket PCs

Karrier Communications, leaders in 'Sports Enhancing Software', today announced the shipment of its IntelliGolf® software for Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5.0-based Pocket PCs. IntelliGolf version 7.7 now supports Pocket PCs running Windows CE 2000, 2002, 2003, and Microsoft's latest Windows® Mobile 5.0 operating system. IntelliGolf is the #1 selling "Golf Scoring and GPS Software" for Pocket PCs, Palm handhelds, and Smartphones in over 125 countries. IntelliGolf is immediately available from resellers listed at www.intelligolf.com.

"As Windows Mobile 5-based Pocket PCs start coming to market, IntelliGolf will be there for our mutual customers" said Craig A. Schmidt, President/CEO of Karrier Communications. "We are pleased to support Windows Mobile 5.0 starting today."

Product Overview
The IntelliGolf software replaces pencil and paper golf scoring, wagering, and statistics gathering on the golf course. Users enter their scores, wagers, and club selection on their Pocket PC. IntelliGolf totals all scores, tabulates all wagers, and synchronizes with the included Windows desktop software. From the IntelliGolf desktop software users can view performance graphs, approximating their handicap, and evaluate their Dream Round™.

IntelliGolf is the only golf software to include all seven S's of golf: Scoring, Shot tracking, Satellite GPS, Sharing, Sidegames (30+), Statistics (250+), and Signature course (20,000+) scorecards. IntelliGolf is compatible with over 30 GPS receivers ( see http://www.intelligolf.com/intelliGpsCert.asp) via Bluetooth, SDIO and Compact Flash connections. IntelliGolf also provides free access to over 20,000 digital scorecards via the customer's Internet or wireless connection. Other companies charge $9.95 to $19.95 for each course download and can be up to 400,000 bytes in size. IntelliGolf-compressed courses are only 5Kb to 8Kb in size. This saves users time, money, and memory. IntelliGolf is available in three (3) editions: Par ($29.95), Birdie ($39.95), and Eagle ($49.95).  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 19 2005 by ChrisD
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HP and Cingular Announce The HP iPAQ hw6500 Pocket PCs Mobile Messenger Series

HP and Cingular Wireless announced the HP iPAQ hw6500 series Mobile Messenger, the first Pocket PCs in the United States to use Cingular’s high-speed EDGE network.

Beginning on Oct. 31, Cingular will be the sole U.S. carrier for this sleek smart device, which delivers wireless email(1) and an array of applications that offer users access to the digital content and services they need for truly effective global communication and mobile productivity.

The HP iPAQ hw6500 series is the first generally available Cingular-enabled device to have an integrated global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver.(2) Cingular will sell two versions of the Mobile Messenger, the hw6515 featuring a 1.3-megapixel camera and the hw6510, which will come without a camera. The HP iPAQ hw6500 series also boasts a unique combination of digital wireless voice and data capabilities, including access to Cingular’s nationwide EDGE network,(1,3,4) built-in keyboard, and Bluetooth™ wireless technology. Cingular’s EDGE network is the largest and fastest national wireless data network in the United States, with availability in 13,000 cities and towns and along more than 40,000 miles of interstate highways.

To help simplify the implementation of wireless solutions, HP and Cingular have collaborated with 14 application providers to create the HP Mobility Solutions Evaluation Center (http://www.hp.com/go/mobile-evaluation), a one-stop shop for diverse mobility solutions and know-how for notebooks, tablet PC and handheld devices.

Customers can visit this online resource to learn about and download trial versions of mobile applications such as mail and messaging, security, navigation and business solutions. The website also includes HP-branded solutions such as Hosted Microsoft® Exchange, Open Roaming and HP Navigation System.(5) Together, the HP iPAQ hw6500 series and HP Mobility Solutions Evaluation Center offer customers an easy way to evaluate and implement powerful mobile solutions with less risk by leveraging the experience and market leadership of both HP and Cingular.

“HP is simplifying the path for customers who are eager to add mobility to their lives but wary of the complexity and technical challenges,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Computing Global Business Unit, HP. “Together with Cingular, we are empowering customers to take full advantage of mobility in ways they’ve never experienced before and to change the way they do business and how they connect to information, communication and even entertainment.” At the Microsoft CIO Summit earlier this year, HP and Cingular previewed the HP iPAQ hw6500 and several applications featured in the HP Mobility Solutions Evaluation Center. The response to alternative mail and messaging solutions and the HP iPAQ hw6500 was overwhelming, with more than 60 corporate customers signing up for an early evaluation pilot program.

“The introduction of the HP iPAQ hw6510/hw6515 provides business customers with more than just a powerful new device but rather a complete wireless voice and data solution right out of the gate,” said Jeff Bradley, vice president, business data services, Cingular Wireless. “Cingular and HP have developed specifically for the iPAQ 6510/hw6515 an ecosystem of application providers whose services extend from broad-based email to those for specific industries. This, combined with the popular Pocket PC technology platform and the largest and fastest national wireless data network in the country, presents to a broad range of companies a one-stop approach through which they can give their mobile workforces wireless access to critical information and processes.”

Treasure chest of mobile solutions

Developed with wireless expertise from Cingular, the HP Mobility Solutions Evaluation Center provides customers with access to a premier portfolio of business applications – many available via downloadable, 30-day evaluations at no charge. Cingular’s certification process for business application providers was incorporated into the Mobility Solutions Center for iPAQ 6500 series solutions. Expertise areas include:

• Mobile Mail and Messaging: Customers will have a choice of two “push” e-mail services – Good Technology’s GoodLink™ wireless messaging and data access software and service and Cingular Xpress Mail.(1,4) GoodLink, which is targeted by Cingular to medium and large businesses, provides a two-way, wirelessly synchronized connection to Microsoft Outlook email, PIM and other corporate applications with more end-to-end security and robust IT management capabilities. Cingular Xpress Mail, based on the popular email platform from SEVEN, gives individuals and small business access to work and personal email, calendar and contacts as well as the ability to view attachments. Extended Systems also provides mobile access to earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

• GPS and Navigation: Microsoft Pocket Streets will be available as a free download for HP iPAQ hw6500 customers in North America. For customers looking for fuller featured, GPS-enabled turn-by-turn navigation, HP iPAQ Navigation Maps and Software, powered by NAVTEQ can be purchased. The GEOTAB mobile field force and fleet management solution represents just one of the GPS-based software solutions compatible with the HP iPAQ hw6500.

• Security and Management: CREDANT Technologies delivers access controls to help protect sensitive data. Bluefire Security Technologies provides wireless VPN clients for Cisco/Nortel infrastructures. iAnywhere offers mobile device management and security features. Ecutel enables a more secure mobile VPN. HP Open Roaming allows enterprises to implement mobility solutions that insulate users from the complexities of managing different networks on their wireless devices.

• Business Applications: Offerings include powerful customer relationship management and sales force automation software such as Siebel and Dovarri; field force automation software from Countermind and WennSoft; and industry-specific applications such as healthcare data management from PatientKeeper.

Meeting both business and personal lifestyles

Weighing less than 6 ounces, the HP iPAQ hw6500 series Mobile Messenger combines open industry standards to offer mobile professionals a single, stylish device for their global business and personal communication needs.

Key features include:
• Quad-band Class 10 GSM/GPRS/EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) technology allows for voice and data communication around the world.(1,3,4,6) The de facto global standard for digital cellular radio, GSM is the world’s most deployed digital cellular system. Cingular has the largest international footprint of any U.S. carrier with roaming agreements in more than 165 countries for voice and more than 85 countries for data.

• Multiple messaging and inbox capabilities including multimedia, text and instant messaging(1,3,4) and the ability to access all business and personal email accounts on one device.

• Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices(3) such as headsets, printers or bar code scanners and wirelessly synchronize with desktop or notebook PCs.

• Built-in 1.3-megapixel HP Photosmart camera (HP iPAQ hw6515 only) helps ensure high-quality 4 x 6-inch photos and allows for easy image and video sharing. Additional product information is available at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.

Availability and pricing
The iPAQ hw6500 series will be available at Cingular stores and outlets as well as select Cingular authorized dealers and http://www.hpshopping.com. Cingular will offer the device at $449 with a two-year contract, and $39.99 per month for unlimited data with a qualified voice plan.(7)  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 19 2005 by ChrisD
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HP Offers Mobility solutions evaluation center

Mobility solutions evaluation center

Online solution center for reliable, secure solutions for HP notebooks, handhelds, & tablet PCs.

HP wireless solutions allow you to stay in touch with your company and your customers, even if you are in another office, city, or even in a different country. But how do you go about choosing the right solution for your company and how can you evaluate solutions without having to commit valuable budget and resources? To make this easier, HP has partnered with the leading software providers to provide you solutions running on our Handheld, Notebook, and TabletPC platforms.  (Source: HP Website)

Posted Wednesday, October 19 2005 by ChrisD
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Wireless technology changing work and play

About 71 percent of America's 108 million households own at least one cell phone, according to Forrester Research Inc. More than 25 million households now own laptop computers, according to Forrester. And 5.3 million households have wireless Internet access.

"That doesn't sound like a big number, but it is up from zero a couple of years ago. That is rapid growth," said Charles Golvin, a principal analyst at Forrester.

More and more everyday devices -- including game consoles, music players, cameras and even cars -- are being designed with wireless connectivity in mind. (Gadgets on the horizon) (Source: Jason White, CNN)

Posted Tuesday, October 18 2005 by ChrisD
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Total Outlook Calendar & Contact Synchronization for the Enterprise

Advantage International, Inc., Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Add-ins solution provider, continues to achieve its plan for total synchronization of all Exchange server-side folders with the much anticipated release of the contacts module for Add2ExchangeTM. Add2Exchange for Contacts is a server-based, enterprise-wide Outlook private and public contact folder synchronization solution. With a complete Outlook calendar sync suite already under its belt, Advantage International Inc. moves on to now synchronizing Outlook contacts and coming soon, Outlook tasks.

Add2Exchange for ContactsTM is an Exchange Add-on, Outlook contact synchronization solution which synchronizes any combination of Outlook contacts- private (mailbox) and public (group). For mobility: Add2Exchange for Contacts will sync public and private contacts to Outlook on most PDAs, Smartphones, BlackBerry handhelds (cradled/wireless) and Outlook Web Access. In addition, users can replicate new contacts 4-ways and synchronize edits of contacts 8-ways.

A perfect solution for enterprise Outlook contact management, Add2Exchange for ContactsTM is installed solely on the Exchange server or file server and the user has the opportunity to build as many contact folder relationships as needed. When asked ˇ§What is a folder relationship?ˇ¨, Trace Tervo, CEO and inventor of the software product line, replied, ˇ§Advantage International defines a folder relationship as one source folder (private/public) and one destination folder (private/public) in which a relationship occurs between them. With Add2Exchange for Contacts, the user can configure up to an unlimited number of contact folder relationships. Therefore, Add2Exchange for Contacts is licensed based on the number of contact relationships needed by the user.ˇ¨ Advantage International Inc. offers licenses for Add2Exchange for Contacts for 3,6,10,100, and unlimited contact relationships. Each initial purchase of all Diditbetter software licenses includes a standard 6 months of free upgrade assurance and 6 months of free email support. Extended upgrade assurance and support options are also available.

The Add2ExchangeTM Solution also consists of award-winning Add2Exchange for CalendarsTM, the module for private and public Outlook calendar synchronization. Functionality for Add2Exchange for Calendars is almost synonymous with the contacts module, except that it synchronizes Outlook calendars. Furthermore, Add2Exchange for Calendars is licensed based on calendar folder relationships. Add2Exchange for Calendars licenses are available for 3,6,10,100, and unlimited calendar relationships.

Add2Exchange for CalendarsTM has been featured on various sites including MSD2D.com and Processor.com. In addition, Add2Exchange for Calendars was nominated for Pocket PC Magazineˇ¦s 2005 Best Software Awards for synchronization. The nominees will be published in their November 2005 print issue.

For a fully functional free trial version of Add2Exchange, visit www.diditbetter.com. The software trial includes the two modules, Add2Exchange for Calendars and Add2Exchange for Contacts. The user may trial each module for 20-days. Each module, Add2Exchange for Calendars and Add2Exchange for Contacts is licensed separately. For the enterprise or any other business interested in syncing calendars and contacts, Advantage International, Inc. offers a ˇ§sweetˇ¨ sync suite which incorporates licenses for both modules, calendars and contacts, of Add2Exchange.

Additional solution information, features, screen shots, and pricing also available at www.diditbetter.com, email [email protected] or call Advantage International Inc. at (813) 977-5739. The solution(s) can be ordered with special savings online at store.diditbetter.com

Advantage International Inc., a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida since 1988, specializes in Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Add Ins which offer Calendar and Contacts synchronization between personal and group/public folders, group task management in addition to CRM, lead management and marketing action tools for Microsoft Office users. Advantage Internationalˇ¦s solutions include Add2Exchange for Calendars, Add2Outlook for Calendars, and P2P Calendar Synchronizer (formerly Public2PrivateWare), ContactXchange, TaskController, and DidIT!.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 18 2005 by ChrisD
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Free game: Checkers for Windows Mobile 5.0, limited time offer

Orneta Checkers version 1.5 for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC was released by Orneta today. The new release allows gamers to play checkers on their Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices, with support for the popular Windows Mobile 2003 (SE) platform. Orneta Checkers offers a fun and exciting gaming experience for casual and hardcore fans alike.

The innovative theme awareness feature pioneered by Orneta Checkers dynamically changes the game to implement the colors and sounds of the current Windows Mobile theme. Orneta Checkers represents a new level of integration for games with Windows Mobile 5.0. Orneta Checkers dynamically changes the look and feel of the game based upon the current theme. While taking full advantage of compelling features in Windows Mobile software such as Screen Orientation and Hi resolution capabilities. The three skill levels offer a simple and easy way to enjoy a relaxing game of Checkers to a tournament caliber opponent.

Orneta Checkers, designed for Windows Mobile, and priced at $9.95, is available immediately from Handango for both Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC. Orneta is providing a free copy of Orneta Checkers for the Windows Mobile 5.0 release. For a limited time, redeem a 100% discount using the promo code '54CAAEB'. Offer valid until October 31st, 2005. Hurry and get a copy today, the code is valid for the first 1000 uses. For more information or a free trial version, visit http://www.orneta.com/products/checkers/  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 18 2005 by ChrisD
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Basic4ppc is the simplest and fastest way to develop applications for the Pocket PC.

basic4ppcWith Basic4ppc you can build your programs on the device or the desktop.

A WYSIWYG Visual Designer helps you build the GUI.

Built in Smart Help and AutoComplete features makes it easy to get used to the language.

Basic4ppc is based on the clasic Basic with many enhancments like: forms, events, global and local variables, controls and more.

Visit www.basic4ppc.com for more details.

Posted Sunday, October 16 2005 by ChrisD
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