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Week of January 16, 2005

 iMATE PDA2k/Qtek 9090/02 XDA III/Siemens SX66 Touchscreen Repair Available

Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we are now able to repair/replace the Touchscreen on the HTC Blue Angel Pocket PC Phone Series.

Orange SPV M2000
Qtek 9090
Siemens SX66
T-Mobile MDA III
Verizon XV6600
Vodafone VPA III

Purchase: HTC Blue Angel Repairs:

P.S. We're still working on sourcing the LCDs, but do not have them  available currently. If the LCD looks like it's bleeding, the user will need to go back to the OEM. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, January 19 2005 by ChrisD
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Healthprolink UnitStock now available on Pocket PC

Healthprolink Inc. today announced the release of the Pocket PC version of UnitStock. This new version will round out the availability of UnitStock, which has been supported on the Palm platform and through the secure Healthprolink clients’ website since March, 2003. Current customers can download the new Pocket PC version immediately.

Healthprolink UnitStock is a fully customizable documentation and reporting tool designed to assist hospital pharmacy departments in meeting JCAHO compliance standards MM.2.20, MM.2.30 and MM.8.10 for storage of medications in nursing units, clinics and operating rooms. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians document monthly unit inspections quickly and easily via the web or on a handheld device. Managers and administrators run real-time reports to easily see which units have been inspected, view the completed inspection reports and monitor trends in compliance by unit and by criteria. UnitStock has fully integrated email capability so completed inspections are automatically emailed to nurse managers and others, eliminating paper completely from the inspection process. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, January 18 2005 by ChrisD
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visPassword for Pocket PC

visPasswordThe password generator!
The software company sfr GmbH in Cologne(http://www.sfr.de/english/index.html) presented their new product visPassword for Pocket PC.
visPassword is a password generator, where you can create a new password with letters, digits or special characters.

visPassword offers the following functions:
- Generate a password with letters, digits and special characters
- Generate a memory hook for a generated password up to a length of 16 words
- You can also choose, which kind of letter you want to use
- The length of the password is selectable (4-32 characters)
- The password can be copied to the clipboard

visPassword is freeware!

Current versions are available at www.visKey.com/visPassword/index.html.

Get more information and the user documentation at http://www.visKey.com/visPassword/index.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, January 16 2005 by ChrisD
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Makayama introduces DVD to Pocket PC 2.0

Award-winning software gets major upgrade with 10 new features

Makayama Software announces the availability of DVD-to-Pocket PC 2.0. The new version allows users to watch not only DVD's, but also home movies, downloaded content and other video files on their Pocket PC. The picture and sound quality has been vastly improved and it has a modern, styled look with fifty user-selectable skins.

The software still has the intuitive two-click interface that made it such a bestselling and award-winning application. DVD-to-Pocket PC won the prestigious ‘Best Video Software’-Award from Pocket PC Magazine last month.

The new version adds 10 new features to the software:

- Higher quality video and audio, supporting 500 Kbit/s video with CD quality sound
- Conversion of AVI, MPEG, and DivX source files
- Skin-control with 50 predefined themes, e.g. Titanium-look or Neon-style.
- Fit-to-Card option (auto-adjust quality to the size of the memorycard)
- Variable quality video slider, with 5 levels of user control
- Variable quality audio slider with 5 levels of user control
- Start and Stop at any point in the DVD
- Assign any drive as the temporary disk
- Step 1 is 20% faster on most PCs
- Renaming and checking for duplicate target files

The retail price is USD 29.99 (EUR24.95). A free demo version is available.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, January 16 2005 by ChrisD
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Stuntcar Extreme for PPC & Symbian Released!

StuntCar ExtremeClickgamer is proud to announce FatHammer's brand new racing game.

Driving with style, Stuntcar Extreme delivers a unique, fast-paced stunt racing experience in early 80's retro funk flavor.

Race against opponents, unlock new tracks and new stunt cars and become the Stunt Champion!


PPC | $19.95    
Symbian | $19.95      
(Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, January 16 2005 by ChrisD
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Windows Mobile Odyssey WEP Key Exposure

Airscanner discovered a serious flaw in the way the Windows Mobile Odyssey client manages the WEP key information.  The Oddessy client included with the Dell X50 stores the WEP keys as plaintext in the registry.

This could be a serious problem if a PDA is lost or borrowed. Since this information is stored as plaintext, anyone could read it and gain access to the WEP protected network.

Dell was informed 11/10/2004, but did not respond.
See Windows Mobile Odyssey WEP Key Exposure for a proof of concept. (Source: Seth Fogie, Airscanner)

Posted Sunday, January 16 2005 by ChrisD
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