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Week of October 15, 2006

News From Basic4PPC

New developer's forum:

Basic4ppc launched a new support forum. Useful tips, code samples and applications created by Basic4ppc users at: http://b4ppcforum.geotrail.no/

Basic4ppc version 3.01 available:

Clean-up version for the powerful new version of bsic4ppc
Download version 3.01 here:  http://www.basic4ppc.com/Downloads.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 17 2006 by ChrisD
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Alltel Wireless offers Handmark® Pocket Express™ on smart phones

Service delivers news, sports, maps and more to wireless handsets

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. and KANSAS CITY, Mo. – (12 October 2006) Alltel Wireless, America’s largest network, and Handmark®, the leading on-device portal company, today announced that Pocket Express wireless services are available for Palm Powered™ and Windows Mobile®-based smart devices and BlackBerry handhelds™ from Alltel. With totally free news, sports and weather, as well as two-week free access to 14 additional subscription services, Pocket Express offers Alltel customers an even greater range of productivity and convenience.

"Pocket Express makes an ideal companion to our portfolio of advanced mobile devices," said Wade McGill, senior vice president of product management for Alltel Wireless. "Our smart device customers choose these specialty devices because of their wide enterprise acceptance and ability to deliver the information that is essential to their business and their daily lives. Pocket Express extends that functionality by providing customers with even more essential real-time information."

Pocket Express delivers news, sports, weather, stock quotes, street maps and turn-by-turn directions, movie reviews and show times, the New Oxford American dictionary, 411-directory search and more. The "Extras" section of the application even lets users browse and install new software applications directly to their phones so they can add functionality to their mobile devices from anywhere. With intuitive navigation, robust personalization features, and speed considerably faster than traditional mobile browsing, Pocket Express has emerged as the leading independent portal on the market.

The service is currently available to Alltel customers at www.handmark.com/alltel and will be included with a host of new devices launching in the near future. "Pocket Express is a great addition to a smart device," said Douglas Edwards, Handmark co-founder and chief marketing officer. "With something for everyone, Pocket Express will become the preferred wireless portal for Alltel customers using a wide array of converged wireless devices."  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, October 16 2006 by ChrisD
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