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Week of August 14, 2005

Universal (ly acclaimed)

Well I promised it… I've had lots of email on the theme of 'lucky devil' as I declared I'd got an HTC universal device.  I wanted to share my initial thoughts on the device and my experiences over the last few days.  I'll focus on the Universal as a Phone/Data device initially and expand over the coming days….

Form Factor and Device Build

The Universal is a BIG device - no question.  I've referred to it with colleagues as re-assuringly big!  It is however packed with features and technology.

The Combination of the VGA Screen, Wifi and 3G make it unique in the Market for Windows Mobile devices.  I have found myself spending a lot of time browsing the web marvelling at the gorgeous screen which seems to render web pages (especially with Windows Mobile 5.0) incredibly well.   (Source: Jason Langridge's Weblog - Mr Mobile)

Posted Thursday, August 18 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC magazine renamed Smartphone & Pocket PC

Pocket PC is changing its name to Smartphone & Pocket PC starting this November. 


The publication, originally launched in 1997 by Thaddeus Computing as Handheld PC Magazine, was created to help users get the most out of Microsoft Windows CE-based handheld computers. In 2000 the magazine changed its name to Pocket PC to reflect Microsoft’s new direction for Windows CE-based handhelds.


Now once again in 2005, because of projections for explosive Smartphone growth, a major market shift has taken place. The newest incarnation of the Windows CE-based handheld operating system called Windows Mobile 5 provides PDAs and Smartphones a similar look and functionality. Therefore, starting with the 2006 Buyer’s Guide on newsstands in November, Pocket PC becomes Smartphone & Pocket PC.


Publisher and Executive Editor, Hal Goldstein says “the change of name reflects the evolution of the market and of the Windows Mobile operating system. The new name, Smartphone & Pocket PC, more accurately reflects the editorial content and direction of the magazine. The tagline for Pocket PC was ‘For users of Windows Mobile™ Smartphones & PDAs.’ The new tagline for Smartphone & Pocket PC will now simply be ‘For users of Windows Mobile™’.”


Published bi-monthly, Smartphone & Pocket PC and its bonus Buyer’s Guide will continue to focus on all things Windows Mobile. Editorial includes device and software reviews, tips and how-tos, profiles of individual users, and an Enterprise section focused on business solutions. PocketPCmag.com will continue to compliment the magazine with its reference library of past magazine articles, a 3500 product Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories, active support forums, and regularly updated links to the best Windows Mobile sites. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 17 2005 by ChrisD
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HP iPAQ h6320 Pocket PC, With Service from Cingular Wireless, and SYWARE Visual CE 9 Software-- Enables Mobile Users in all Industries to Rapidly Create Mobile Applications

SYWARE, Inc., announced Hewlett-Packard iPAQ h6320 users can run SYWARE’s Visual CE software on their Pocket PCs. SYWARE empowers over 100,000 mobile users to collect data and create feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device- wherever they need to work. Business or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and automatically synchronized. SYWARE enables users to create feature-rich, easy-to-use database applications without programming. SYWARE solutions enable users to build applications, on desktops or handhelds, 10 times faster than other market alternatives.

"HP’s iPAQ iPAQ h6320, coupled with SYWARE’s Visual CE software, provides the market with a powerful solution for users to mobilize information between the enterprise and the field on any Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc.

This news follows a previous announcement that an international panel of industry experts honored SYWARE’s Visual CE software with Club Pocket PC’s "Best Database Software Award 2004". The award was sponsored by Microsoft Germany and Pocket PC Magazine Germany. To try, buy or learn more about Visual CE, visit http://www.syware.com/lp/visualce  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Demand For E-books On The Increase

Demand for electronic books, or e-books, has created one of the fastest growing Internet consumer market segments. Research conducted recently by the Gartner Group revealed that one in 300 books read in the USA, and one in 450 books in Europe, are read in the digital format. This is a 38% increase on last year, which in turn experienced 25% growth on 2003.

eBook units sold for the first quarter 2004 were up 46% and eBook revenues were up 28% over the same quarter in 2003. These and other figures charting the eBook industry are reported in the quarterly Open eBook Forum (OeBF) eBook Statistics Report.

"At this rate, by 2010, more people will be reading e-books than the old-fashioned paper variety," said Marco Foltran, founder of online e-book retailer eBook Impressions.com. "The forests will be saved!"

eBooks downloaded using Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader or Mobipocket Reader are searchable, have handy bookmark features and can be downloaded on average in 2-3 minutes. An average novel is less than 300KB, depending on content, so the average Palm for example can store over 500 ebooks.

Driving the growth of e-books is the soaring cost of paper books -- the average e-book, at $5, is 20% the price of a paperback -- and the vast improvement in the usability of electronic reading devices. According to Foltran, 62% of e-book readers use laptop computers, 17% use personal digital assistants such as BlackBerrys and Palms, 14% use desktop computers and the remaining 7% use dedicated readers. The market is growing fastest in countries where rail and bus commuting is the prevalent means of transport for middle- and upper-income workers. "Reading devices have become a lot cheaper and more portable, and easier on the eye. So they're ideal for someone sitting on a bus for an hour."

Visit www.ebookimpressions.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Meet Slyder and his Crew in the brand new game from Astraware and Sandlot Games

Astraware and Sandlot Games, the team that brought you Tradewinds, are delighted to introduce you to Super Slyder(TM) for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(TM) devices. With its truly addictive nature and easy-to-play style, Super Slyder(TM) has impressed critics and fans alike, making it the must-have puzzler for the casual game audience.

Guide Slyder, our adorable, spherical hero, through a world of over 200 increasingly difficult mazes, using strategy and foresight. Along the way meet friends and foes, including the sociable Boffo, the angry Unger, the immobile Reginald, and the explosive Sparky, who will try to help or hinder Slyder’s progress. Your powers of logic are the only thing that will help get Slyder to his destination and on to the next level.

"We are very excited to bring Super Slyder(TM) to the handheld market," said Daniel Bernstein, President and CEO of Sandlot Games. "Partnering with Astraware allows us to introduce the sequel to Slyder, an already well established franchise, to handheld users looking for the most challenging and rewarding game experience available."

Super Slyder(TM) eases the player into the game with a full tutorial explaining how to play. To advance from level to level, players must guide Slyder through a series of mazes by using the stylus or directional keys. But be careful, once Slyder starts moving he will continue in that direction until he is stopped by an obstacle or the edge of the maze. This colorful, fun puzzle game is easy to start, but so addictive you won't want to stop playing.

Super Slyder(TM) has already proved to be a big hit with Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC and Smartphone press:

"A cool game that will keep you intrigued. This is the type of game that you just can't put down!" - Jack Cook, Dave's Ipaq

"It’s one of those "Oh, I can beat this easily" games which rapidly prove you wrong. This is an exceptional brainteaser which gets better and better as you play it. It's the ultimate in compulsive gaming - you can pick Super Slyder(TM) up and start playing so easily, yet it seems impossible to put down. Top work Astraware." - Leigh Geary, Coolsmartphone.com

Super Slyder(TM) supports multiple resolutions and is available for Palm OS(R), Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. This is the first Astraware release with full screen support for Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC "square screen" handhelds and with QGVA screens on Windows Mobile(TM) for Smartphone devices. Get Super Slyder from the Astraware website: http://www.astraware.com/superslyder, priced $19.95.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Arkon GPS mounting solution for HP HW6500

The New HP HW6500 has many great features and as you know is one of the hottest phones available. Arkon Resources, Inc. a leader in PDA Phone and GPS mounting has Powered and GPS powered mount that work great with the New HP HW6500. With the Arkon units you have a good quality hands-free solution for your PDA/Phone via the amplified speaker included with all of Arkon's Power solutions. You can power up your HW6500, Navigation is a breeze with the built in GPS receiver. With the Arkon CM805 GPS PDA mount and your choice of software you will have a fully functional Navigation system. For more details see http://www.arkon.com/gpsmount.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Get Ready for Palm's "Treo" to Use Windows Mobile with SYWARE's Mobile Database and Application Development Software

SYWARE, Inc. announced today that it will provide a specific help desk for Palm OS users who will need to
consider transitioning field PDA applications with the expected eventual transition to Windows Mobile. The help desk will go into action as soon as Palm OS officially releases a "Treo" version with Windows Mobile. Many current users of Palm OS will need to start preparing to move their existing or future applications to this new platform to continue to enhance their business mobility. SYWARE's Visual CE Mobile Database and Application Development product and its integrated products for wireless synchronization and remote printing will allow this to take place without needing to hire new programmers to learn and use Visual Basic. SYWARE requires no programming to develop robust PDA applications on Windows Mobile PDAs.

SYWARE's President Sy Danberg stated "We are preparing to establish support for Palm OS users who may be thinking about a future transition to Windows Mobile. In preparation for this, we are developing a special pricing and support package to assist Palm OS users who may be in need of developing or transferring handheld applications to support their business needs. Many of our customers utilizing our products have implemented field applications 50 times faster than using Visual Basic where as still retaining the integration with other .NET products and the significant advantage of the Microsoft Platform."

This news follows a previous announcement that an international panel of industry experts, sponsored by Microsoft Germany and Pocket PC Magazine Germany, presented SYWARE with a "Best Database Software Award 2004." SYWARE allows users in a wide variety of market sectors to mobilize business information between the enterprise and the field to rapidly convert PC or paper-based processes into fully mobile applications that can be deployed on any Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device. Business or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and automatically synchronized. SYWARE enables users to create feature-rich, easy-to-use database applications without programming.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, August 15 2005 by ChrisD
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SG Truco released (English and Spanish)

SG TurcoAre you tired of playing always the same card games? We give you something different...
SG Truco is a version of the South American card game Truco for two players for PocketPC. Based on the Argentine version it is you against the PPC. In Truco both strategy and bluffing are at least as important as luck. If you are new to Truco the assistant will guide you in every step of the game until you master it, in addition you have a detailed explanation in the in-game manual, plus a complete strategy guide in our web site http://www.sporagames.com>www.sporagames.com

* Available in English or Spanish.
* Free trial version, fully functional.
* An assistant will guide you at each instance of the game, fundamental for the novice player.
* In-game help explaining all the variants of the game.
* Complete statistics of every aspect of the game (actual and historic).
* Selectable card backs .
* Objective of the game can be configured to 12, 15, 24 or 30 points.
* You can play with or without flower.
* Every bet or response of the Pocket PC apart from the console of the game will be delivered by a masculine or feminine voice (selectable).
(Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, August 15 2005 by ChrisD
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