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Week of March 13, 2005

GiveMePower’s PowerCAD SiteMaster Receives Microsoft Mobile2Market Certification

CALGARY, Alberta – March 17, 2005. GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB: GMPW), a provider of next-generation computer-aided design (CAD) and graphics development software for Windows® mobile, wireless and desktop computing, announced that the Company’s PowerCAD® SiteMaster™ CE software solution has earned certification in Microsoft Corporation’s (Nasdaq: “MSFT”) Mobile2Market program. Mobile2Market is Microsoft’s certification and distribution program for mobile applications, helping independent software vendors increase revenue and reduce time-to-market by streamlining application development and providing logo-approved distribution channels worldwide.

PowerCAD SiteMaster is a unique enterprise mobility software solution designed to increase “field-to-finish” building surveying productivity by as much as 1,000% for architects, constructors, designers, engineers, facilities managers, flooring installers, realtors and others involved in the construction, design, management and maintenance of buildings.

Replacing traditional “measuring tape and paper” methods, SiteMaster allows one person to more quickly use precise measurements from BlueTooth® wireless lasers such as the Leica DISTO™ Plus to instantly create detailed 'as-built' floor plans, construction and inspection drawings on a Pocket PC, Pocket PC cell phone, Handheld PC, XP Tablet PC, laptop or desktop computer running Windows® Mobile™, Windows XP®, Windows XP Tablet PC® and Windows 2000® operating systems.

Some high-profile users benefiting from use of GiveMePower’s mobile, wireless and desktop software solutions include AT&T, Cartier, General Dynamics, Penn State University, the U.S. Postal Service and multiple branches of the US military. SiteMaster is part of GiveMePower’s complete family of CAD Anywhere™ 2 and 3-dimensional design, viewing and mobile/wireless collaboration solutions – each designed to save time and money in the office, in the field, or on the shop floor. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 17 2005 by ChrisD
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New Year's Resolutions Long Forgotten ... But the Need for Improving Personal Health and Fitness Remain

Companion Worlds, Inc. Launches the Progio System: A Training Companion that Provides Professional Workout Programs, How-To Videos and Performance Tracking on Mobile Devices

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Companion Worlds, Inc. announced today the commercial availability of the Progio System, a training companion that provides professional fitness instructions on the go. The Progio System makes its debut as one of the new health and fitness innovations to be unveiled at the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) trade show in San Francisco (March 16 - 19, 2005 at the Moscone Center/San Francisco).
    Dirk Bartels, CEO/Founder of Companion Worlds, Inc. (creators of the Progio System) said, "Millions of people start each year with well-intended New Year's Resolutions to improve their fitness, lose weight, etc. By now, three months into the New Year, most have failed and abandoned their resolutions because they simply don't know what to do or how to do it. Moreover, their frustration level increases when they can't see measurable results. The Progio System is a perfect companion for anyone seeking to improve health and fitness and reach personal fitness goals. From beginner to serious athlete, Progio transforms motivation into achievement."
    The Progio System is a total fitness solution that includes a proprietary mobile device that makes world-class workout programs, how-to videos and personal performance tracking available anywhere, anytime. What sets the Progio System apart from others who have tried to bring fitness instruction to mobile devices is the open platform which allows a variety of branded fitness programs to become mobile and therefore more valuable to the user. Many of  these branded fitness programs, such as Personal Trainer On The Net (http://www.ptonthenet.com) are currently available to professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts but they stop at the PC or are only available on DVD or videotape. Progio licenses this content and makes it available on handheld devices such as Pocket PC or the proprietary Progio device. Patent-pending software enables seamless two-way communications that includes the downloading of this content as well as uploading of personal performance data from the Internet to these handheld devices.
    The Progio System will be available through leading health clubs, corporate wellness centers and personal trainers who are looking for a total solution to address member/client retention. Approximately 40 million people belong to health clubs today, with the highest level of new members added in January each year. By April, new members drop to their second lowest level of the year. Member turnover is a perpetual problem in the industry, as health clubs have not yet found the solution to keep members engaged.
    Dennis Sones, Companion's Chief Marketing Officer noted, "We may have the right solution at the right time for the industry to address member retention and increase per-member revenues. The Progio System immediately engages members with personalized workout programs based on their goals and can deliver measurable results. The members stay engaged because their relationship with the club becomes personalized customized. Another business benefit is how the Progio System transforms under-utilized personal training services into a scalable business. Trainers who, when fully allocated, were limited to the number of one-on-one sessions they could conduct in a day. The Progio System enables them to support three or four times more clients daily. And, getting started with the Progio System at the club level requires only a small set-up fee."
    Another important feature of the Progio System is the Progio Training Companion, a lightweight handheld device with a large 3.5" color-viewing screen that is large enough for people to see the necessary nuances of instructional videos and pictures. "We considered other handheld devices for our product launch but consumer research indicated a genuine need for an application-specific device such as the Progio Training Companion that has a rugged, sweat-proof form factor, can be operated/navigated with one hand, and can sit-up right or be attached to exercise equipment. We also wanted a complete training companion that consolidates an MP3 music player and a heart-rate receiver so that data can be measured within the context of your workout," stated Mr. Bartels.
    Pre-orders are now being taken for the Progio handheld device with commercial club implementation starting in late summer. Progio can be seen at the IHRSA Trade Show, Booth #343. (Source: Press Release, PRNewswire)
Posted Wednesday, March 16 2005 by ChrisD
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WorldMate for Microsoft's Windows Mobile-Based Smartphone Released

LOD, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 16, 2005--MobiMate, the leading provider of travel services for mobile devices, announced today that WorldMate(R), the award-winning business-travel service, now supports Windows Mobile-based Smartphones.

In alignment with MobiMate's strategic goal of remaining at the top of the mobile business and travel application category across all platforms, it has chosen to add support for this platform. "Microsoft's Windows Mobile will unquestionably play a major role in this new age of mobile commerce," said MobiMate CEO Nadav Gur. "Over the last 12 months we are witnessing increasing demand from wireless operators as well as Windows Mobile end-users, which we cannot ignore."

WorldMate is an all-in-one package for the frequent business traveler, featuring essential services including world time, global weather forecasts (provided by The Weather Channel -- weather.com), real-time flight status updates (provided by OAG WorldWide), currency and measurement converters and more. The Windows Mobile Smartphone version is the first to include high resolution, active weather maps including satellite and radar imagery, current temperatures, precipitation forecasts and more.

Along with Smartphone, MobiMate's comprehensive platform offering includes Desktop, Palm OS, Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC, Symbian UIQ, Nokia Series 80 and 60, Blackberry and Java phones.

MobiMate's new Web site, released just a couple of days ago, will include a top spot for the Smartphone product.

MobiMate's products, services, corporate information and more can be found at www.mobimate.com. (Source: Press Release, BusinessWire)

Posted Wednesday, March 16 2005 by ChrisD
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Resco Releases MobileForms Toolkit v1.0

A set of powerful UI controls optimized for .NET Compact Framework - now available in one unique suite

Bratislava, Slovakia — March 16, 2005 — Resco, a leading provider of advanced developer controls and tools, today announced availability of Resco MobileForms Toolkit, a unique set of powerful components fully integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The latest release includes:

“Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and .NET Compact Framework are becoming the main development platform used for development of mobile applications. A set of standard mobile components is often insufficient when it comes to more complex projects” says Radomir Vozar, Director of Resco, Enterprise Solutions. “This was one of the reasons why we wanted to create a product allowing the developers simple and efficient development of robust mobile applications with rich user interface intended for both private and business users.”

Pricing and Availability

Resco MobileForms Toolkit is now available. The standard edition is priced at $299.95 and the professional edition at $599.95. Both editions include one year of support and upgrades. Free trial version is also available. For more information, please visit www.resco.net/developer/mobileformstoolkit/. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, March 16 2005 by ChrisD
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gate5, Socket and Tele Atlas Announce Partnership to Provide the Most Advanced Mobile Navigation Solution in the U.S.

gate5, Socket Communications (Nasdaq: SCKT) and Tele Atlas today announce a partnership to provide a complete mobile navigation solution to US consumers. The partnership is key to gate5's launch of smart2go Mobile Navigator, an affordable, high performance GPS-driven navigation system for smartphones and PDAs that separates itself from the competition by providing functionality inside and outside of the car. The partnership will also bring useful city content to help consumers choose where they want to go.

"With Socket, gate5 is able to bring to market a GPS-driven navigation system that rivals in-car systems costing thousands more. And, since it's not tied to the vehicle it can be used anywhere, anytime - inside or outside the car," said David Rolf, Managing Director for gate5. "We chose Tele Atlas for its outstanding map quality in both the United States and Europe."

smart2go Mobile Navigator is powered by the Socket GPS Receiver with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. The Socket GPS Receiver enables mobile users to easily connect from a Bluetooth enabled device, such as a Pocket PC or smartphone. The Socket GPS Receiver connects without any cables, enabling the mobile user to position the GPS Receiver for optimal satellite reception. The unit is small and lightweight, and fits into the palm of a hand for maximum portability. The Receiver is capable of receiving 16 GPS channels and includes Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) support for increased location accuracy with the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) in the U.S. and EGNOS in Europe. The rechargeable and replaceable battery lasts for nine hours of continuous use.

"Socket is pleased to bring its expertise in mobility solutions and accessories for handheld devices to wirelessly add GPS positioning technology to the smart2go offering,'' said Peter Phillips, vice president marketing for Socket. "The smart2go Mobile Navigator provides the unrivaled ability to navigate both inside and outside the car and is great for both consumers and corporate users."

Tele Atlas offers superior geographic content that delivers digital maps and dynamic location-specific road and travel information right to the consumer. Turn-by-turn directions, dependable rerouting, and reliable drive-time estimates are all included in dealing with real-world driving situations. Tele Atlas utilizes an advanced methodology employing thousands of data sources for collecting and verifying data, supplemented as appropriate by field surveys and driving the roads. Existing data is constantly verified and updated, and new data is added regularly.

"To ensure the best possible end-user experience, Tele Atlas aggressively seeks strong partnerships with all the leading GPS application developers and device companies, and today's announcement with gate5 demonstrates our commitment to that goal," said Mike Gerling, Chief Operating Officer, Tele Atlas North America. "We're confident that our high quality, extremely accurate and always current geographic content will provide smart2go Mobile Navigator customers with the coverage they need to travel with confidence anywhere."

smart2go Mobile Navigator

smart2go brings GPS-driven, high-accuracy navigation to PDAs and smartphones, giving the user both voice and graphical directions on detailed maps of the 48 contiguous United States plus Canada. The smart2go product bundle includes: navigation software that runs on smartphones and PDAs; CD-ROMs containing detailed maps of the U.S and Canada; a Socket GPS receiver with Bluetooth Wireless Technology; a cradle that attaches to the car dashboard to hold a smartphone or PDA; and a memory card reader to facilitate transfer of data to a smartphone or PDA. In navigation mode, smart2go provides clear, audible driving directions as well as graphics showing the car's progress along its route. The system automatically recalculates the route if the driver misses a turn or takes a detour.

In mapping mode, smart2go can be used to plan routes, select restaurants and hotels sorted by proximity to a destination, explore places to see in a new or familiar city and determine the quickest route to a selected destination. Features of smart2go include GPS-driven navigation graphically displayed on the smartphone or PDA and audible directions to allow hands free operation. smart2go incorporates attractions, hotels and restaurants, as well as hotel and restaurant reviews from international content provider Wcities similar to those currently available on the Web at Yahoo, Orbitz, and American Airlines. smart2go maps, provided by Tele Atlas, include millions of points of interest.

smart2go runs on mobile phones running Symbian series 60 and series 80, including the popular Nokia 6600, 6620, 6630, 7610 and forthcoming 9500 and 9300 models. It also runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smartphones and Pocket PCs. Smart2Go will also support PalmOne's Treo 650 smartphone.

Pricing and Availability

gate5 and Socket will commence distribution of the smart2go mobile navigation system starting April 30, 2005. The product will be available for at Frys Electronics, Mobile Planet and a variety of online retailers for $299.

smart2go is the first of a planned series of personal mapping products from gate5. More information can be found at: http://www.smart2go.com (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 14 2005 by ChrisD
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Reflex Uses SYWARE, Inc.’s Visual CE 9 Software to Better Service Reflex Customers Including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire Corporation and Rona, Inc. to Eliminate Paperwork and Leverage the Power of Mobile Computing

SYWARE, Inc., announced Reflex has successfully deployed SYWARE’s Visual CE 9 to mobilize information between the enterprise and the field, rapidly convert paper-based or PC processes into mobile applications, and fully leverage the power of Field Force Computing. Reflex representatives service Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Home Depot (NYSE: HD), Canadian Tire Corporation (TSX: CTR.NV), Rona, Inc. (TSX: RON) and other customers with locations in Canada. They were able to eliminate a previous reliance on paper-based processes using SYWARE Visual CE 9 software.

"Reflex representatives enter the field to service products and displays for their client stores and suppliers to those stores. For example, Reflex checks retail store sites to determine if products are priced correctly, in stock, still active as saleable products and if point of purchase materials are available for consumers to read about products on the shelf. This work becomes slow and difficult when you have to verify this information with multiple products and vendors in hundreds of stores across the country— using paper-based processes. As a result, Reflex is the best positioned company in the market to serve the largest retailers and distributors of hardware, home renovation, gardening products and other household items," said Linda Testa, President, Reflex. "Reflex also uses Product Knowledge training on handhelds as a reference database. This allows Reflex representatives in the field to access volumes of technical specs, product features and benefits, all on the Pocket PC. As a result, this enables our clients’ store associates to deliver a superior customer experience every day," Testa added.

Previously, Reflex representatives navigated through, and answered, multiple questions on paper-based forms to service customer sites. Today, Reflex uses SYWARE’s Visual CE 9 to do all of this work in a paperless environment with electronic dropdown forms. Reflex uses over 60 electronic forms, 20 tables and over 100 entry screens on the Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) Axim Pocket PC to leverage Field Force Computing and better facilitate the collection of information, reduce paperwork and service end-customers. Reflex’s customer-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and automatically synchronized.

"We are extremely pleased that Visual CE 9 is used to liberate Reflex’s customers, including

RONA, Inc. that has over 21,000 employees and $4 billion in annual sales, from paper-based processes," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc. "As a result, the Visual CE product line provides Reflex with seamless access to essential information on or offline, at any time or place," Danberg added.

To evaluate or purchase SYWARE products, visit: http://www.syware.com/lp/visualce/

To learn more about Reflex’s services, please visit www.combiinc.homestead.com (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 14 2005 by ChrisD
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PDAmill and eSoft Interactive co-launch SPOT!

PDAMill SpotGet ready to ogle and be boggled! PDAmill, the leading PDA game developer in cooperation with eSoft Interactive is bringing you their

latest casual gaming title: SPOT! Now you can test your eye for detail with SPOT!, a crazily fun puzzle game that can leave you wanting for more! SPOT! takes your usual "spot the difference" game to a brand new level.


- Play hundreds of puzzles and more available as free download
- Random puzzles - you''ll never play the same game twice
- Three challenging game modes
- Create multiple profiles, play and compete with your friends and family
- With relaxing music and cheerful sound effects by Jaybot7
- Free lifetime updates

Visit www.pdamill.com now and download the trial or purchase the full version today ($14.95). (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 14 2005 by ChrisD
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New release of LingvoSoft talking dictionaries for Pocket PC

Here come 16 more LingvoSoft talking software dictionaries for Pocket PC: English <-> Portuguese, English <-> Turkish, English <-> Serbian, and English <-> Latin. Yes, it does say sixteen there – because each of these excellent speech-enabled applications is available in four modifications: Gold, Standard, Basic, and Free!


Tailored to your needs and tastes, these alternate versions continue the line of products that cover the requirements of professional and novice users alike. Regardless of class, however, each dictionary incorporates such improvements as enhanced compatibility with the newest Pocket PC platforms, virtual keyboards, practical user manuals, and a lot more.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 14 2005 by ChrisD
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