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Week of June 12, 2005

Major Upgrade to Battery Pack Pro From Omega One

Omega One, a leading provider of consumer applications for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, is pleased to announce the release of major upgrade of Battery Pack Pro, the best selling Pocket PC application, providing users with several new features.

Battery Pack Pro V2 offers a substantial update to the User Interface (UI) as well as a major new feature Power Time.

Power Time offers a powerful world clock capability allowing users to view times in cities all around the world, as well as other useful travel information, such as international access and emergency telephone numbers, local currency, airport codes and current weather conditions.  Power Time also offers local information on standard office hours and when locals are likely to be asleep so you don’t have to figure out if you can reach someone overseas.  In addition Battery Pack Pro users who also have Journal Bar can get 5 day weather forecasts displayed for each city they select.

Other updates include:
• Full Windows Mobile 5.0 compatibility.
• New Battery Pack Pro application now pulls in all the features of Battery Pack Pro to one central location to make the product simpler to use than ever before.
• Battery Bar can now show more items using the innovative scrolling technique pioneered on the Smartphone version.

 “The addition of Power Time and the world clock features clearly positions Battery Pack Pro as ‘The Only Pocket PC Utility You Will Ever Need’” said Andrew Haslam, CEO of Omega One, “By adding this great new functionality we increase the value of our application to our customers yet again.  We are also rewarding our other customers who also use Journal Bar by offering them exclusive capabilities as part of this new version of Battery Pack Pro.”

Battery Pack Pro was the top selling Pocket PC application for two straight years.  Omega One’s other top selling products Journal Bar, an Internet content viewer, 1-Calc, a universal calculator, and 1-Pass, a physical security application have all been the top selling products in their categories since release.  Battery Pack Pro and 1-Calc are also available for Smartphones too, as well as a great game bundle 1-GameBag.
Battery Pack Pro v2 is available on www.omegaone.com, www.handango.com, and other leading online retailers. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, June 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Airscanner Software Update - Smartphone Antivirus Beta & Firewall Beta

*** New Smartphone AntiVirus beta (2.0b)

A new beta version of the Smartphone AntiVirus (2.0b) has been released. Version 2.0 installs a powerful, highly granular task scheduler as a standalone program. Now you can have total control of how often your antivirus updates and of how often you perform file scans.

You can download the ActiveSync installer here: http://airscanner.com/downloads/beta/smav20b.exe

or the over the air (CAB) installer here: http://airscanner.com/downloads/beta/smav20bota.CAB

Please make sure to uninstall the previous version first. You can read the detailed user's manual online here (PDF): http://www.airscanner.com/downloads/beta/scheduler.pdf

*** New firewall beta (v2.3b)

A new beta of Airscanner mobile firewall may help solve the bug that, on some devices, appeared to be blocking the user from turning WiFi off after several minutes of use. Support for newer devices such as the iMate PDA2k has also been added. You can download the new beta here (Active Sync installer): http://www.airscanner.com/downloads/beta/amfw23b.exe

or grab the OTA (over the air) direct-to-PDA installer here: http://airscanner.com/downloads/beta/amfw23bota.CAB

In our labs it has been tested to work on the following devices:

iMate PDA2K, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X50, HP IPAQ 4700, Pocket LOOX 600

Beta testers, please email us with your experiences on other devices. Note that the following devices are no longer supported:

Toshiba e800, Ipaq 4150, Dell Axim X30, Ipaq 6315
(Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, June 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket Informant 2005 R2 Released!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we've released Pocket Informant 2005 R2 recently. It is a free upgrade to all current Pocket Informant 2005 customers, and a paid for upgrade for previous customers. We will be sending out our newsletters next week with some great new deals on some of our third party partners as well as announcing our release directly to our customers. 

Some of the big features of R2 include:

1) Links Window supporting drag and drop directly within the views
2) HP Mobile Printing support for Notes
3) Brand new TimeLine View properties with statistics, date ranges, and comments
4)Many new options and user interface improvements throughout the app!

To see the full list, click here
To Download, click here (Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, June 17 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocketland.de launches English software portal

Pocketland, one of the largest providers of software for mobile devices in Europe, announced today the start of its English online store. For the first time English speaking users of Pocket PC and Microsoft Smartphones can browse, test, and purchase software at Pocketland in their native language.

Pocketland offers an extensive selection of titles for Microsoft OS handhelds, including games, dictionaries, and GPS applications. Handheld software customers in Europe use Pocketland not only as an online store where they can test and buy software in their native language but also as a valuable information source about the latest trends in handheld technology.

Like the other Pocketland sites, pocketland.de, pocketlandfrance.com, pocketland.nl, and pocketland.it, the new English site will be supervised by a professional English speaking team and will offer English speaking users all of Pocketland's software distribution services including first-class customer service and partnership opportunities. Pocketland offers a variety of payment methods and currencies, including the Euro, US Dollar, and British Pound. For the first time Pocket PC users in the United Kingdom can can purchase software at Pocketland in their national currency.

"The English website is another step in our effort to expand our services in Europe," said Roland Heuberger, Pocketland's CEO. "After the recent launch of Pocketland's portals in Italy, the Netherlands and France, we are proud to present a broad array of mobile solutions to English speaking Pocket PC and Smartphone users." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, June 16 2005 by ChrisD
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New Version of Pocket-Jongg (4.2) released!

Pocket-Jongg V4.2 has achieved the Microsoft Designed for Windows Mobile Logo and is available for Pocket PC 2003, SE and Windows Mobile V5 as well as for Smartphone 2003 SE and Windows Mobile V5.

*** New Pocket-Jongg Pricing ***

In the past we sold separate version for each device. Now you can download any edition of Pocket-Jongg if you buy one release of a major version.

For example:

If you purchase Pocket-Jongg V4.0 you will have access to all Pocket-Jongg editions in V4.x, including V4.2 for the PC, Smartphone and Pocket PC Edition.

Our new End User License Agreement (EULA) allows you to install Pocket-Jongg editions on all of your devices but only permits you to play at one device at a time....(hard to play on two devices at the same time anyway:-). If one device is being used by another person, this person would have to purchase another license. Simple...isn't it?

New and improved website

Our new and improved website allows you to easily find the right version for your device. As you are already registered with Pocket-Jongg.com you get access to all your previous purchased versions of Pocket-Jongg as well as access to our new TileSet editor.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, June 15 2005 by ChrisD
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Analysts: Windows Mobile 5.0 Security Falls Short

Gartner has long been critical of security on Microsoft's Pocket PC platform. Back in 2002, a scathing report said that Microsoft would have to raise security on the platform—significantly—to make it enterprise-ready, and three years later the research outfit has very much the same message.

"Microsoft has missed an opportunity to show leadership in mobile security and have the market declare that the company has made Windows Mobile 5.0 secure," Wiggins and Ingelbrecht added.

The duo said Microsoft should have provided an integrated management and security framework for the platform instead of relying on third-party vendors to plug its mobile-security shortcomings.

The software maker shot back late Friday in a statement released to Ziff Davis Internet News: "[The] Windows Mobile 5.0 software went through extensive threat-modeling as well as [having] completed the rigorous Microsoft Trustworthy Computing 'Full Security Review,' and received FIPS-140-2 certification—the stringent U.S. Federal government security requirements for IT products," a Microsoft spokesperson said. (Source: Ryan Naraine eWeek)
Posted Monday, June 13 2005 by ChrisD
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