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Week of February 12, 2006

VITO SmartMap for WM 5.0 released!

VITO SmartMapVITO Technology updates its well-known GPS moving map. VITO SmartMap now supports WM 5.0 and works admirably faster. There are also the USA maps available now: so traveling to US is not a problem anymore!

VITO SmartMap is a GPS navigation software that works with vector and raster maps. It allows you to view maps, determine your position on the map, view the current track, save it, and also export tracks as ESRI Shape files.

Posted Thursday, February 16 2006 by ChrisD
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Handmark® Brings The New Oxford Annotated Bible To Palm® and Windows Mobile™ Devices

Mobile Version of World-Renowned Study Reference Based On NRSV
Includes Commentaries, Full Index to All Study Materials, Powerful Search Capability

KANSAS CITY, MO — (16 February 2006) — Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced the release of The New Oxford Annotated Bible for Palm® handhelds and Treo™ smartphones and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PCs and Smartphones.  Offering the insight, commentary and supplemental content of the Oxford University Press hardcover version, The New Oxford Annotated Bible for Palm and Windows Mobile gives church members, students, academics and professionals a powerful tool for research and personal study.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible has been updated by the renowned editorial board of Oxford University Press to reflect the needs of today’s discerning biblical scholar.  The application, based on the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, includes a full index to all study materials—not just annotations.  It also offers an onscreen toolbar that allows users easy access to all features including the ability to search by word, phrase, and/or range of books, create and jump to bookmarks, or jump directly to a specific verse.

"Handmark continues its close partnership with Oxford University Press with the debut of The New Oxford Annotated Bible, one of the publisher’s most popular and respected research works," said Douglas Edwards, Handmark co-founder and executive vice president.  "In addition to its valuable research tools, The New Oxford Annotated Bible offers the clarity and meaning of the New Revised Standard Version, which most experts agree is the best English translation for serious analysis and study."

The New Oxford Annotated Bible offers a wealth of commentaries and supplemental materials that allow readers to explore textual criticism and read about the various interpretations of the Bible.  Users can also customize the application to fit their own visual and study preferences by changing fonts, toolbars, scrolling capabilities and more.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible requires 4MB of free RAM or expansion media memory and is priced at $29.99 USD.  The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha is also available for $39.99. The product is currently available for download. For more information, including a full list of supported devices, or to purchase The New Oxford Annotated Bible, visit the Handmark web site, www.handmark.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, February 16 2006 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Venture Adds to Blackberry Woes

Strand Consult, a Denmark-based IT research house, expects companies worldwide to invest in much broader mobile e-mail access for their employees in 2006.

"At the end of the year, many will be asking themselves whether they really needed a Blackberry handset from RIM to check mail - and RIM might be asking themselves what went wrong," Strand wrote in a research note.

"Microsoft will most probably overtake RIM as the leading mobile e-mail provider." (Source: LAURENCE FROST, AP Business Writer, The Union)

Posted Wednesday, February 15 2006 by ChrisD
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Spb Software House Releases Spb Backup - the Ultimate Tool for Saving Your Data

Spb Software House, a leading Pocket PC software developer, releases Spb Backup - a new Pocket PC utility for backing up all of your Pocket PC content to a storage card.

Spb Backup is based on the proven technology used in Spb Clone. Thousands of enterprise users rely upon Spb Clone to create exact copies of their "master" PDA devices. This tested technology was used to create a backup program that would benefit Pocket PC consumers at all levels.

Spb Backup creates a self-restoring image file that can be restored with or without installing the main Spb Backup application. The backup file can be compressed and password protected with strong 128-bit AES algorithm. The scheduled backup features will help users to have regular, mistake-free backups.

Spb Backup features include:

Pricing and Availability

Spb Backup is currently available in Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. A free 5-backups limited trial can be downloaded, or Spb Backup can be purchased for $19.95 USD, from www.spbsoftwarehouse.com.

Further Information and Downloads

Further information regarding Spb Backup can be found on the Spb website:

Features demonstrated through screenshots:

A free 5-backups limited trial can be downloaded from:
http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/backup/download.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, February 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Turnkey Platform Is Backed by Hi-Tech Veterans That Helped Launch Skype, Maxthon and Ascio Technologies

Mobile Weaver ApS today announced the launch of Unwirepark -- a turnkey platform to aggregate and provision disparate mobile content to end users -- on the eve of the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Unwirepark allows wireless Operators, MVNO’s and OEMs to tap into an eco-system of consumer-friendly mobile content such as value added applications and deliver the content to customers through their mobiles or over a branded Web storefront. Through the Unwirepark platform, OEMs can deliver true value-added services to diverse global customer bases that seek a diverse menu of mobile-content options.

The Mobile Weaver platform gives Operators, MVNO’s and Brands the ability to manage their software-partner relationships and evaluate the popularity of various content categories and applications to better alter or enhance service.

Unwirepark.com's content can be delivered to various mobiles such as the Pocket PC, Symbian, Palm and Windows Smart Phone. The platform also includes a future-proof infrastructure with a stable plug-and-play mechanism, giving it the flexibility to provide multiple levels of outsourcing to meet the unique requirements of individual customers.

Mobile users in 180 countries can access Unwirepark.com's content online through PayPal, SMS, or credit card.

Umar Akram, vice-president and founder of Unwirepark, stated, "We wanted to nurture an emotional bond with our customers by identifying new content opportunities for them and leveraging best practices we've acquired over the years through working with leading companies across the globe." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 13 2006 by ChrisD
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VITO SoundExplorer v 1.7 released!

VITO SoundExplorer 1.7VITO Technology releases a new version of VITO SoundExplorer. This update mostly concentrates on increasing performance. VITO SoundExplorer is a great choice to explore the music world on your Pocket PC to the full.

VITO SoundExplorer is 3 programs in one. It is an audio player, audio recorder and file explorer designed specially for browsing music content. VITO SoundExplorer:

- supports Windows Mobile 5.0
- supports high-resolution displays
- supports landscape mode
- converts WAV to MP3
- records CD-quality MP3: 44 100 Hz
- features Today plugin
- is all you need for music playing and sound recording

New in VITO SoundExplorer v 1.7:

- ID3 tags supported
- WMA playback returned
- overall stability increased
- landscape mode fixed
- new easier registration system (see the manual on the product page) (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 13 2006 by ChrisD
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My Time! Demo

At the Microsoft Mobile Platforms Division Partner Briefing I was introduced to John Socha-Leialoha from Potala Software. He showed me his new application called My Time! I was impressed with the simplicity in which he was able to show the current calendar views. I asked him for a demo and I captured it on video. (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC FAQ)
Posted Sunday, February 12 2006 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Announces Global Partner Support for its Mobile Messaging Solutions

Device and server offerings designed to help lower costs for businesses.

BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 13, 2006 — Today at 3GSM World Congress 2006, Microsoft Corp. and its mobile operator and device-maker partners announced a broad range of services and Windows Mobile®-based devices for business customers to cost-effectively deploy mobile messaging solutions. Leveraging the integration between Direct Push technology in Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2), businesses can mobilize their employees on a unified infrastructure without the requirement to pay for additional and costly e-mail servers. This same technology is now available for Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server and is also offered as a hosted service by a number of mobile operators around the world.

Cingular Wireless, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone today announced free upgrades to the Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) for all their Windows Mobile 5.0 customers, enabling Direct Push functionality and providing enhanced device management and security for messaging applications. Palm Inc. and i-Mate also reaffirmed their commitment to free MSFP upgrades. In addition, new Windows Mobile-based devices were unveiled today, all of which will ship with Direct Push technology: the HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger, the Gigabyte Communications g-Smart (offered by Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. in Taiwan), the ASUS P305 3G-enabled smartphone, and the Fujitsu Siemens FS Pocket Loox. In addition, HTC Corp. has unveiled a new product portfolio of Windows Mobile-based devices that are Direct Push-enabled and will be made available globally to T-Mobile and other operators beginning in the second quarter of this year.

“Successfully addressing the mobility demands of today’s business market requires a combination of powerful networks, breadth and choice of applications, and clear answers to business issues of usability, return on investment and systems integration,” said Andre Stark, executive vice president of International Business Marketing at T-Mobile. “The Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 complements T-Mobile’s successful suite of Microsoft-based solutions with a compelling messaging product that addresses these critical business needs while delivering mobile professionals much more than simple mobile e-mail. In alliance with Microsoft, we have an opportunity to strengthen our business customer portfolio and deliver another very powerful mobile business solution.”

Direct Push technology added to Windows Mobile 5.0 gives customers faster access to all of their Microsoft Office Outlook® information; just like prior versions of Windows Mobile, it communicates directly with Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows Small Business Server without the need for additional and costly e-mail servers and middleware. When combined with a library of over 18,000 specialty applications, Windows Mobile phones — now offered by 42 device-makers and 100 mobile operators in 55 countries — are the premier choice for business customers.

“Cingular has been a leader in delivering end-to-end solutions as a trusted partner to enterprises since the inception of wireless e-mail,” said Jeff Bradley, vice president of Business Data Services at Cingular Wireless. “Microsoft’s highly anticipated Direct Push e-mail experience delivered in the Messaging and Security Feature Pack is a key part of Cingular’s strategy to continue to provide best-in-class wireless solutions to our customers. The new Cingular 2125 Smartphone and 8100 series Pocket PCs — the first of what will be an array of Windows Mobile 5.0-enabled devices available from Cingular in 2006 — will be upgradeable to the Messaging and Security Feature Pack in the first half of this year.”

According to analyst firm Gartner Dataquest, Microsoft Exchange was the 2004 market share leader in enterprise mail and calendaring software based on new licensees, with a share of 48 percent*. By licensing Exchange Server ActiveSync®, industry partners including DataViz Inc., Motorola Inc., Nokia, Palm, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and Symbian Ltd. are able to deliver a comprehensive mobile messaging solution to these customers.

Business-Class Messaging Solutions for All Business Sizes

The announced mobile messaging solutions can be tailored to a wide range of business infrastructure and size requirements, from on-premise Exchange Server deployments for organizations of all sizes, to operator-hosted solutions for smaller businesses that prefer to utilize a hosted solution based on the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration. All of them combine the advantages of Windows Mobile — which extend beyond e-mail to instant messaging, video telephony and a host of custom line-of-business applications — with a cost-efficient and scalable server architecture.

For organizations outsourcing their business infrastructure, the hosted messaging model is also rapidly gaining traction worldwide, with major operators announcing the availability of professional messaging packages for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) based on Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration and developed jointly with local ISPs. T-Mobile has announced upgrades to MSFP for Windows Mobile 5.0-based devices in its portfolio in conjunction with the availability of new professional e-mail packages for small and medium-sized businesses based on Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.5. This will be made available across T-Mobile’s European network.

“Business customers — from the smallest entrepreneur to the largest of enterprises — are now realizing the potential mobility brings to their employees and customers. We’re at the tipping point of seeing exponential growth in this area, with a number of factors coming together to make this happen — from less costly and more varied devices to wider adoption of mobile data among mobile professionals,” said Pieter Knook, senior vice president of the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division and Communications Sector Business at Microsoft. “Microsoft has unique business and IT assets that we can bring to bear in the telecoms sector to open new revenue opportunities for operators while providing customers with smart and powerful solutions that leverage their existing computing investments.” (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, February 12 2006 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones to Run on Low-cost Texas Instruments Platform

Today Microsoft Corp. and Texas Instruments (TI) announced that Amoi Electronics, HTC Corp. and Sagem Communication are developing new Windows Mobile®-based Smartphones leveraging TI’s OMAPV1030 EDGE chipset. These phones will be based on a lower-cost, high-performance chipset architecture for Windows Mobile device-makers, previously only available for feature phones. Until now, many smartphones running on a high-level operating system such as Microsoft® Windows Mobile necessitated a more expensive dual-core chipset to power the rich user interface, data networking and additional personal and business applications. 
Compared to previous multi-core architectures, this single-core solution offers significant costs savings on the total bill of materials. This has been achieved through higher levels of integration, more aggressive process technology and better system partitioning. Microsoft leveraged TI’s OMAPV1030 chipset with its own Windows Mobile software to enable smart device capabilities at feature phone costs, thereby spurring smartphone market growth.

Analysts suggest that an increasing number of companies prefer employees to have access to critical business information while outside of the office. Driving down the costs of smart devices is critical to maximizing this demand for increased sales and services.

Gartner predicts a huge rise over the next three years or so in the number of people using wireless e-mail. By the end of 2006, there will be at least 16 million business and consumer users. And, by the end of 2008, half of all employees who access e-mail via PCs will also have access to wireless e-mail.

“TI’s integrated and optimized OMAPV1030 solution was designed to deliver enhanced features at a reduced cost,” said Edgar Auslander, general manager, worldwide strategy and corporate development, TI’s wireless business unit. “Combined with Windows Mobile software from Microsoft, the OMAPV1030 will enable handset manufacturers like Amoi, HTC and Sagem Communication to bring advanced multimedia and productivity features to mainstream mobile phones.”

“Our mobile operator partners are eager to expand their customer base with a diverse and affordable portfolio of Windows Mobile-based devices,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft. “Texas Instruments’ innovative hardware platform, coupled with our software, will help device makers sell more smartphones to an increasing number of mobile workers who want to stay connected while away from the office.”

Availability of these handsets is expected within 12 months.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, February 12 2006 by ChrisD
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