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Week of December 12, 2004

Special Christmas savings on PC PhoneHome/MacPhoneHome

Brigadoon Software, Inc. would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with  Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year.

 Have you heard about our Family/Household license of PC PhoneHome  and/or MacPhoneHome that will allow the user to install and protect every computer in their home, regardless of number, including the ones that may be away with the children at school.

 A single copy of PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome normally retails for a one time cost of $29.95 USD and allows the user to protect one computer  from loss or theft. No yearly monitoring fees. No hidden costs. No additional charges.

 Our new Family/Household license which costs a one time fee of $79.95 USD allows the user to install PC PhoneHome and/or MacPhoneHome on as many computers in the household as is necessary, even the ones your kids may have away at college!

 You have 5-8-12 computers? No Problem! Our Family Household license protects hem all! Only $79.95! No yearly monitoring fees. No hidden costs. No additional charges! We still provide full location and recovery service. This is the BEST deal in the industry!

 We also offer other SPECIAL BUNDLE DEALS for Multi-Computers users in the USA and Canada that will SAVE you money:

 Special Bundle Deals

 Road Warrior Includes 2 licenses: Mac or PC - Perfect for those who have one office and one mobile computer. A $10 savings! $49.95 USD

 Household Mac or PC - Cover all the household computers, even those away at school. Savings up to 50%! $79.95 USD

 Small Business Mac or PC - License up to 12 of your company's computers! Save up to 50%. $179.95 USD

 Small Business Plus Mac or PC - License up to 50 of your company's computers! Only $8 per computer! $349.95 USD

 Small Business Gold Mac or PC - License up to 75 of your company's computers! Only $7 per computer! $499.95 USD

 PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome is also available in an Enterprise version for large scale deployment to organizations with many computers.

 Whether you're trying to protect twenty computers or twenty thousand, we have the right Enterprise license plan for you. Our blanket license for large multi-office/multi-national corporations covers ALL corporate computers worldwide including all laptops in the field. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, December 16 2004 by ChrisD
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SplashData Announces Free Updates of SplashID and SplashPhoto for Windows Mobile Devices

SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of “virtual wallet” applications for mobile devices, today announced free updates of SplashID and SplashPhoto.

The updates for Windows Mobile devices are designed to support the latest Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition PDAs and Smartphones, including:

Posted Wednesday, December 15 2004 by ChrisD
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ReenSoft released PIEPlus V1.3 beta 1.

Changes from V1.2

Posted Wednesday, December 15 2004 by ChrisD
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Snowed In 3 - Even Deeper

Snowed In GameSnowed In 3 is here with slick new graphics and music! This is a Free download for everyone until January 31st 2005 !

Description :
Snowed In 3 - Even Deeper Game Features :

  • Frosty puzzle graphics
  • Fluid game engine
  • EASY and TIMED game modes
  • Swap vertically, horizontally, and diagonally
  • Continuous play! Don't wait for colums to settle!
  • Level Bonuses!
  • Chilly sound effects and music
  • On-screen Battery Meter
  • Hint system if you get stuck
  • Minimise/Maximise functionality (Source: Press Release)

  • Posted Wednesday, December 15 2004 by ChrisD
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    Alex Kipman - Building a mobile service

    While we were at the Topcoder contest last month handing out Nine Guys we met Alex Kipman (he is lead program manager on MS Build). He has a cool demo of using Visual Studio to build a system for a variety of mobile devices.

    Of course the demo was done in a hotel lobby of a Silicon Valley hotel. Hear the kids screaming. Heheh.

    Anyway, learn how to use Visual Studio to create a system that'll call MapPoint that'll use a GPS and a variety of mobile devices.

    Video length: 00:20:08.(Source: Channel9.msdn.com)
    Posted Tuesday, December 14 2004 by ChrisD
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    Check out the LingvoSoft Christmas prices!

    The time for Christmas celebrations is approaching! But LingvoSoft feels like it's already here! So hurry to save, get gifts and experience the joy of understanding. At www.lingvosoft.com you may acquire various downloadable linguistic and translation software at reduced prices. Also don't forget to visit our Christmas Gifts Fever 2004 Section, pick the gifts and SAVE $30 on Software Bundles! (Source: Press Release)
    Posted Tuesday, December 14 2004 by ChrisD
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    First Cellular Adopts Cenuco's MobileMonitor; Remote Video Monitoring Via Cellphone Available to First Cellular Subscribers

    BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 13, 2004--Cenuco, Inc. (AMEX:ICU) and First Cellular of Southern Illinois today announced a joint deployment effort of MobileMonitor(sm), through First Cellular's website as well as through their retail locations.

    MobileMonitor allows consumers and business owners to see live video of their home or office right through their cellular handset, no matter where they are. The MobileMonitor product is carrier agnostic, and has been BREW certified by Qualcomm, as well as Windows Mobile certified by Microsoft for Pocket PC phones, and the entire Smart Phone platform.

    Robert Picow, Chairman of Cenuco, commented: "We are pleased to announce our progress with carrier deployments, and welcome First Cellular. We believe MobileMonitor will catalyze data plan adoption and usage, providing multiple lines of new, high-margin revenue."

    Terry Addington, President and CEO of First Cellular, added: "MobileMonitor represents a whole new level of data-driven service offerings to our subscriber base. To be able to see live video of a remote location, right through your handset, defines the type of innovative services First Cellular wants to provide to our customers. We are looking forward to a long relationship with Cenuco."

    First Cellular will also begin beta testing of Cenuco's corporate CenVid remote monitoring systems for CCTV installations, early in 2005. (Source: Press Release, Business Wire)

    Posted Monday, December 13 2004 by ChrisD
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    Fonix VoiceDial Now Shipping on T-Mobile and O2 Microsoft PocketPC Devices; HTC Licenses Award-Winning Fonix Speech Interface for Advanced Mobile Wireless Devices

    Fonix(R) Corp. (OTC BB: FNIX), an integrated communications carrier providing telecommunications services and value-added speech technologies, has licensed its award-winning Fonix VoiceDial(TM) hands-free dialing technology for use by High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC), a world-leading original design manufacturer (ODM). The Fonix/HTC agreement is based on unit royalties. Current mobile operators marketing HTC devices in Europe featuring Fonix VoiceDial include O2 and Deutsche Telekom's mobile communications division T-Mobile.

    HTC selected Fonix VoiceDial, winner of a Microsoft "Best Solution" award, to be a standard software feature on its devices marketed to global mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). New to the market are the T-Mobile MDA III and the O2 XDA II PocketPC devices, both featuring Fonix VoiceDial in multiple languages, which allows users to access their mobile phone contacts simply by speaking, with no voice training required.

    "HTC and Fonix meet the growing demand for safe, easy-to-use wireless devices based on the Windows Mobile Platform," said Tim K. Hong, vice president of Fonix Mobile Wireless. "By integrating Fonix speech solutions, HTC gives end users what they are demanding -- safe, easy-to-use mobile phones that increase personal productivity."

    To purchase the T-Mobile MDA III, please visit T-Mobile Germany at http://www.t-mobile.de/index. To purchase the O2 XDA II, please visit O2 Germany at http://www.de.o2.com/static/home/flash7.html. For more information regarding Fonix VoiceDial, visit our Web site at www.fonix.com or call 801-553-6600 and say "Sales." (Source: Press Release, Business Wire)

    Posted Monday, December 13 2004 by ChrisD
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    Bluefire Announces Availability of VPN Solution for Handheld Devices

    Bluefire Mobile Security - VPN is the Latest Addition to Bluefire's
                     Complete Family of Mobile Security Solutions

        BALTIMORE, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluefire Security Technologies today announced that its Bluefire Mobile Security - VPN solution is generally
    available to enterprise customers seeking secure connectivity between handheld devices and their enterprise networks.
        Bluefire Mobile Security - VPN ensures that mobile users maintain the privacy and integrity of in-transit data by creating a secure tunnel between a sender and receiver.  "We are uniquely positioned to support the VPN needs of Enterprise and Government customers," said Mark Komisky, CEO of Bluefire.
    "But we can also expand their security options and protect them against emerging wireless threats with our comprehensive Mobile Security Suite - the only solution in the industry to offer a fully integrated VPN and firewall for
    the mobile platform.
        "Security remains the primary factor in delaying wireless handheld deployments," added Komisky.  "Enterprise IT security professionals expect to employ the same security policies and technologies on their handheld devices as they do on the rest of their networks.  We are pleased to add Bluefire Mobile Security - VPN to our suite of mobile security solutions enabling network managers to maintain their security policies while enhancing
    productivity and connectivity through the use of secure wireless devices."
        Bluefire Mobile Security - VPN is compliant with the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 platforms, and interoperates with most common VPN concentrators, including models from Cisco and Nortel.
        Just as in traditional network security, Bluefire Mobile Security Suite users are able to leverage the complementary nature of VPN and firewall technologies to secure and filter information entering and exiting their wireless network via handheld devices.  Enterprise customers that adopt the Bluefire solution can:

        -- Protect Lost and Stolen Devices - Policies can be designed and
           enforced that lock down the device and even remotely wipe the data off
           the device, ensuring that it does not get into the wrong hands.

        -- Prevent Attacks and Unauthorized Access - Users can prevent hackers
           from exploiting unsecured handheld devices as a backdoor to enterprise

        -- Welcome Employee-Owned Handhelds - Enterprise IT managers can now set
           policies for and monitor activity on employee-owned devices accessing
           the enterprise network.

        Customers interested in learning more about Bluefire's VPN should contact
    Bluefire Sales by phone at 410-637-8167 or by e-mail: [email protected] . (Source: Press Release, PRNewswire)
    Posted Monday, December 13 2004 by ChrisD
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    Agenda Fusion UPDATE - Version 6.82 is now online

    The easiest to use time management solution for your Pocket PCDeveloper One Agenda Fusion 6 gives you everything you need on your Pocket PC to help you keep on top of your busy schedule, stay in touch with your contacts, manage your tasks, notes and more!

    More than just powerful.  It's easy to use. 

    Transform your Pocket PC in just moments into something amazing.  You'll work with your schedule, contacts, notes and tasks in a whole new way.  Synchronizes with ActiveSync - just install and go! 

    Enhanced contact management, dialing and task management will help you accomplish more when you're on the go.  Use linking to associate your contacts with tasks, documents and appointments!

    Exclusive new Power Text feature sets Agenda Fusion apart, making it effortless for you to create new calendar items.

    Download your FREE trial of Agenda Fusion 6 today and see what great mobile time management is all about. (Source: Press Release, DeveloperOne)

    Posted Monday, December 13 2004 by ChrisD
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    FREE GAME: Li-Nuggz X-Mas

    Happy Holidays from Elements Interactive! Enjoy this free game from the makers of Li-Nuggz brought to you by Clickgamer

    Based on the original Li-Nuggz game, this mini-adventure allow you to blast away all Christmas balls with your harpoon - very addictive with superb music and graphics

  • Random, endless fun!
  • Six different levels to conquer
  • Lots of powerups to collect
  • Stunning pre-rendered 3D graphics

    POCKET PC ... 100% FREE  

    MS SMARTPHONE ... 100% FREE  

  • Posted Monday, December 13 2004 by ChrisD
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