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Week of October 12, 2008

LG Incite CF810, CF360 and CF750 for AT&T revealed

The LG Incite CF810 is a smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1. Yes, it has Windows Mobile OS. This smartphone has a wide screen display of 240x400 pixels. It is built with metal alloy body and it has tri-band HSDPA 3G, wi-fi and GPS. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera to take videos and photos as well. No further info about this phone is available.  (Source:  Mobile Guerilla)

Posted Thursday, October 16 2008 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Exchange chief to take over Windows Mobile development

The Microsoft Corp. executive who has overseen development of its popular Exchange communications server software for the past seven years will take over the reportedly-troubled development of Windows Mobile.

Terry Myerson will become corporate vice president of the mobile comunications product group. The 11-year veteran replaces corporate vice president Todd Warren, who will stay on at Microsoft as corporate VP of technical strategy, a spokeswoman said.

Myerson, who oversaw development of Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007, will report to Andrew Lees, senior vice-president of the mobile communications product group.   (Source: Eric Lai, ComputerWorld)

Posted Thursday, October 16 2008 by ChrisD
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Winterface With Weather

WinterfaceVITO Technology updates Winterface - mobile shell for Windows Mobile devices. The new version of Winterface features a Weather icon among other status icons with "live" info like time, calendar, e-mail, tasks and other icons. Winterface 1.14 also addresses some minor device specific bugs and provides further improvements.

WinterfaceSince Winterface was released in July there has been a definite call from its users for weather support. Many users find Winterface much more attractive than the Today screen and want to see Weather information in Winterface.

For this purpose VITO Technology has developed a free stand-alone product Weather. Weather installs on device just like any other application but its icon when added to Winterface displays the actual weather information. Weather is completely finger-friendly and easy to use application.

Among other improvements there are numerous bug fixes and cyclic page scrolling, i.e. users can flip through pages with icons from the last page immediately to the first one and vice versa.

Weather is a free application available for downloading here: http://iwindowsmobile.com/Weather.cab   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 14 2008 by ChrisD
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Celio's Redfly: Hands-On Strengths, Hiccups And Future Things To Try

Celio's recent substantial downward price move on Redfly gives the unit a fighting chance of succeeding in the market, yet triumph is still not guaranteed. For one thing, the device's current exclusive link to Windows Mobile devices means that as Windows Mobile succeeds (or not), so too does Redfly. Pragmatically, I suspect that any overtures Celio might make to Apple would be a waste of time; the iPhone, after all, still doesn't even support Bluetooth-tethered external keyboards. Alternatively, I encourage the company to pursue alliances with the developers of mobile O/Ss such as Android, Openmoko and Symbian, as a means of broadening Redfly's serviceable market and reducing its exposure to downside risk caused by weakness of any single potential partner.

$199 is also a much stronger pricing message than the initial $499 attempt, in comparison to low-end netbooks. However, a perusal of tech bargain sites such as Dealnews still reveals, for example, ASUS Eee PCs with 7" LCDs for $270 and units with 9" displays for $330. Keep in mind that Redfly extends users' access to already-familiar phone apps, versus forcing them to redundantly learn sometimes-archaic Linux-based programs. It also leverages the PIM information already stored on the phone. However, as both PIM data (i.e. Google Calendar) and apps (i.e. Gmail, Google Apps) become 'cloud'-centric, thereby accessible via any browser (phone- or netbook-based), these Redfly strengths will begin to dissipate.  (Source: Brian Dipert, EDN)

Posted Sunday, October 12 2008 by ChrisD
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