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Week of September 11, 2005

New Voice Control System to Boom the Market - VITO Technology unveils its new voice management application for Pocket PC

VITO Technology is pleased to announce its new product, VITO Voice2Go, that allows performing absolutely any actions on Pocket PC with voice only. Unlike some analogs that already exist on the market, VITO Voice2Go is not limited to European languages or to some sets of standard commands. User of VITO Voice2Go receives a powerful and flexible tool to reduce to a minimum the number of screen taps with the stylus.

VITO Voice2Go is evolution of a popular voice dialing solution for pocket PC and smartphones, VITO VoiceDialer. This is why one of the main functions of VITO Voice2Go is voice dialing. It allows recording voice commands for any contacts stored on pocket PC and dial them just by pronouncing the command. This feature is available not only for the owners of pocket pc phones equipped with an integrated dialer; VITO Voice2Go can establish an infrared, Bluetooth, or cable connection with a cellphone. Therefore, VITO Voice2Go is compatible with virtually every model of pocket PCs.

A feature that makes VITO Voice2Go really a voice-management piece of software is controlling applications with voice. With VITO Voice2Go, it is possible to launch and quit any applications installed on pocket PC, show and hide keyboard, close any windows, and open dialogs of system settings - only with voice, without touching anything. It makes use of pocket PC faster and brings interaction between user and computer to a new level.

VITO Voice2Go was created to enable complete handfree use of pocket PC in any situations. To achieve this not the simplest goal, the so-called "magic words" are widely used. One magic word is used for starting Voice2Go, the other one for answering the phone, another for telling Voice2Go that it has correctly recognized the command. VITO Voice2Go is listening for the magic words the entire time, staying always ready to bring itself into action.

Advanced users will be happy to see the VITO Voice2Go's feature of recording macros. This feature makes it possible to perform absolutely any actions on pocket pc with voice. In three simple steps users can record a voice command for any single stylus tap or for a sequence of taps.

What makes VITO Voice2Go so different from its analogs is its ability to understand any languages and pronunciations. VITO Voice2Go uses voice commands that users can record themselves, therefore the program's recognition quality increases drastically. Moreover, it's more convenient for the users because they can use only the commands that they need and the way that they like.

VITO Voice2Go supports all Phone Edition devices as well as general Pocket PCs. It is available as an executable or zipped file and as a .cab archive for over-the-air download. Trial version is available for free download; full version can be purchased for $15.95 at the company’s web site www.VitoTechnology.com. Volume discounts are available. For additional product information, visit www.VitoTechnology.com. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, September 16 2005 by ChrisD
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O2 Xda Exec Review

The appearance of 3G in a Pocket PC at last is wonderful, and it works very well indeed when you have a signal. It’s great to be able to browse the Web properly on a high speed connection. Video calls are fun and sometimes can be really useful, and it’s lovely to be able to make them with a Pocket PC at last.  

However I’m not entirely convinced about the keyboard. Anyone interested in serious data creation is still going to need a laptop. The real target is fans of devices with smaller built in keyboards such as the BlackBerry. For them the Xda Exec offers a more usable keyboard and a far more function rich device. This is where I feel the main market will be. (Source: Sandra Vogel, TrustedReviews)

Posted Friday, September 16 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC FAQ Update: Pocket PC Security Advisories

AirScanner has reported the following vulnerable software applications from Cambridge Computer Corp.

1. vxWeb v.1.1.4 Denial of Service Vulnerability - Risk Level: Low
2. vxFtpSrv 0.9.7 Remote Code Execution Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - Risk Level: High. Remote attacker can execute code.
3. Reports vxTftpSrv 1.7.0 Remote Code Execution Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - Risk Level: High. Remote attacker can execute code.

Source: Seth Fogie, Airscanner Mobile Security

Posted Wednesday, September 14 2005 by ChrisD
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NEW Version 1.5 REALTRACK Mobile (tracking  system)  for PocketPC and Nokia S60

RealTrack Mobile is a mobility solution (Fleet Management and mobile devices tracking Comprehensive System, via GPS through GPRS or WIFI, and through INTERNET access) made up of a set of applications, which allow the user to remotely track any person or object carrying a mobile device of the PDA PocketPC or Nokia Series 60 MOBILE PHONE (Symbian) type, and the most important aspect is that this information is given in real time.


The system consists of a server software or Control Centre “RealTrack Mobile Server”, and the application for mobile devices “RealTrack Mobile s60” or “RealTrack Mobile PocketPC”, which are client applications of the Control Centre.


RealTrack Mobile allows both real time and deferred time tracking of the mobile device fleet, and it automatically registers the locations received. Likewise, it clearly shows the current state of the fleet at every time.


RealTrack Mobile offers, moreover, an innovative utility, the compatibility with Google Earth, with that, apart from viewing the location in one of the best, real cartographies in the market, it has another advantage: several users may display the location of the mobile device at the same time, all that the user needs is an Internet connection.


Realtrack Mobile allows the user of the control centre to monitor and to communicate in real time, and in a cheap and easy way, with the mobile devices, which have been registered.


By simply starting the application of the mobile device “RealTrack Mobile s60”, and by establishing the communication with a GPS via bluetooth, the solution remotely communicates the location in real time to the server software installed in your PC “RealTrack Mobile Server”, and the said location may be showed or displayed in the GIS system, recently integrated in our applications.


General Features:


• Location and tracking in real time via GPS of the mobile devices of the fleet.

• Compatibility with Nokia Series 60 or PDA PocketPC. 

• Data transfer in real time from the mobile device to the server.

• Show in cartography and Display in any software admitting GPS connection or through the COM port of the GPS locations. 

• History creation and process at the control centre of the routes followed by mobile devices, so that the evolution of services in a given period can be subsequently studied.

• Display of the mobile device speed. 

• Calculation of the distance covered by the mobile device.

• Definition of waypoints in route.  

• CHAT: communication between the mobile device and the server via CHAT, this is carried out via a GPRS connection to the RealTrack server in the PC, thus enabling the message transfer at a minimum cost as compared with traditional SMS.

• Storing of GPS locations in a file (Data Logger). 

• Persistent Bluetooth connection.

• Log transfer to the PC for their subsequent process, GPRS connection not needed. 

• Display of the location, latitude and longitude in the mobile.

• Possibility to establish a name for the information points in real time and to communicate it to the server for its storing in its database.  

• Link with dynamic GPS once it has been connected. If the mobile moves away and the connection with the GPS is cut, it will be automatically restored as soon as the mobile is within an appropriate distance radius again.

• Automatic reconnection of the GPRS connection. In the event that it is connected and it moves through low or no coverage zones, RealTrack Mobile will automatically reconnect as soon as possible. The objective is to store its location as accurately as possible. 

• Messages transfer to the connected mobile device at a minimum cost as compared with traditional SMS. This is possible thanks to the use of its own GPRS connection. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 14 2005 by ChrisD
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Hurricane Mobile Portal

A new mobile portal is offering access to the Red Cross FamilyLinks web site so those without access to a computer can try to reestablish contact with loved ones via a web-ready mobile device.

zHand.net Mobile Portal

In recent columns I’ve been marveling at the number of mobile portals emerging that reformat regular web pages "on the fly" so that they work well on the small screen of your device.

Now comes zHand.net, which is still in development but is launching early to help deal with the terrible hurricane tragedy. Access to Hope is their free portal to the Red Cross FamilyLinks website, which helps reunite families that have lost contact with one another by providing a searchable online list.

In addition to the Red Cross website, zHand.net also gives access to growing number of links, including Yahoo, Slashdot, BBC, ESPN, Mapquest, and more. New sites are added every week. (Source:  Jim Karpen, Pocket PC Magazine)

Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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Essential Contax Professional 3.6 - save 30%

Essential Contax Professional 3.6: Discount 30% off! Only 18.99$!

Essential Contact ProEssential Contax PRO is the most advanced business and personal contact viewer and manager for the Pocket PC.

It is an essential tool for today's busy sales and business professionals.

Complemented with a beautifully functional and intuitive user interface, Essential Contax PRO makes your corporate and personal contact lookups faster and more productive.

It helps you by listing your contacts by company name, contact name and country. It lets you duplicate contacts for easy new contact entry; it lets you associate tasks and appointments with selected contacts and it lets you send an email to a selected contact in just one click!

Essential ContaX PRO will increase your productivity by helping you be more efficient with your PocketPC.

Essential Contax Professional - FEATURES:

* Sort and List your contacts by Company Name, Contact Name or Country

* Edit your existing contacts, add new contacts and delete unwanted contact entries

* Search for a contact by inputting known characters of Company or Contact Name

* Filter your contacts by assigned category and view them in category view

* Send email to a selected contact with just one click on the "GO" button. The email contact's email address is automatically transferred into the PocketPC Email program.

* Create a new task with a selected contact with one click. The person's name is automatically entered in the subject line of the task while the contact's phone number and email address are inserted into the task's note field.

* Create a new appointment/meeting with the selected contacts with one click. The person's name is automatically entered in the subject line of the appointment while the contact's phone number and email address are inserted into the appointment's note field.

* View webpage of the selected contact with one click on the "GO" button. The program automatically opens Pocket Internet Explorer and connects to the webpage of the contact. (*this requires an active internet connection)

* Duplicate a contact: when entering a new contact you can choose to duplicate an existing contact's information to speed up the information entry process.

* Display multiple contacts of one Company or Country in a drop-down menu for easy contact selection and organization.

* Font too small? Increase or decrease the size of all text by clicking on any information field in the program.

* One click flipping between two contact information pages: Business and Personal/Home

* Advanced user interface developed to increase your PocketPC productivity displays all the contact information you need.

* View contact database statistics: Number of contacts, companies and countries stored on your PocketPC and in Outlook

* Developed with extensive customer feedback and support - Intuitive and Easy to use with powerful features.

* Compatibility: Essential Contax Professional works on all PocketPC, PocketPC 2002, PocketPC Phone Edition and WinCE3.0 devices.

* Data Integration: Essential Contax Professional works together with the Pocket Outlook contact database seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Try the Essential Contax Professional Demo! The demo version does not contain all of the features of the full version.

If you have a PocketPC2002 device, please make sure you have updated your device with the latest MS PocketPC2002 EUU Patch. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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HP iPAQ hx2400 Series 64MB to 128MB Upgrade Available

Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we have developed and released a 64MB to 128MB upgrade for the HP iPAQ hx2400 Series Series Pocket PC.

This unit uses low voltage hi-speed BGA memory, so stacking is not available and 128MB will be the maximum capacity. During the upgrade process we remove the existing 64MB and install 128MB. This memory upgrade does NOT require our proprietary driver and is fully recognized by the OS (123.53MB Available). The SRP of the upgrade is $169 including 2nd day return shipping (USA only).

As always, this upgrade is not supported by the manufacturer and will void the warranty on the unit.  We do offer a 90 day warranty on the upgrade and motherboard Of the unit.

HP iPAQ hx2400 Series

European customers will be able to order and ship through our Authorized
Upgrade Center, Expansys.com.  The mainboards will be upgraded by us. We currently have several shipments per week between Expansys and PocketPCTechs.com  http://www.expansys.com/p_ppctech.asp

This will save the customer international customs & shipping fees, and shipping time.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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NoviiRemote Deluxe PPC Launch - A High-End Universal Remote Control on your PDA

NoviiMedia, software developers for handheld computers, have unveiled a new version of their award-winning remote control software NoviiRemote Deluxe.

The application is designed for Windows Mobile OS, and supports nearly unlimited options for customizing. At a cost of just $34.99, a PDA owner will get a high-end color touch screen remote. A traditional remote control with these features costs from $600 to $1000.

Now with the new Deluxe version, an enormous array of new features is available. With the award-winning simplicity and ease-of-use of the original NoviiRemote, a user gets a possibility to design his own remote control.

The long-awaited release is the only remote control solution, which covers all the popular Pocket PC handhelds, including Acer n30/n35, HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ rx3715 and HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945 devices.

Buy Now & More Info

NoviiRemote Deluxe for PPC is available for purchase from NoviiMedia's website at http://www.novii.tv/nrdeluxeppc for $34.99. Additional details and information are available at this web address. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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CommonTime™, makers of mNotes™, the award-winning mobile/wireless Notes messaging solution, announces the release of mSuite™ version 4.  mSuite™ offers enterprises a central mobility framework providing a robust scalable infrastructure, wireless push email, device management, over-the-air security and on-device security; for extending Notes Domino email/PIM and applications data from corporate servers to Smartphones or PDAs, including Windows Mobile, Palm etc

mSuite™ v4 now incorporates:
­        Asset Tracking
­        Device Management
­        Extensive reporting
­        Software License Management
­        Automated Software deployment and maintenance
­        A centralized management application implemented as an MMC snapin.
­        On-device security (FIPS compliant)
­        Over-the-air security (end-to-end AES encryption)

CommonTime™ provides enterprise software specifically for the Notes/Domino®-enabled enterprise, and announced that it is now shipping the most complete, easy to deploy, manageable, secure and integrated mobility solution a Domino/Notes® enterprise will encounter today. At the heart of mSuite™ is a common architecture, the CommonTime Mobility Framework, which ensures a smooth upgrade from mNotes™ (mobile Lotus Notes® messaging) to an enterprise-ready mobility suite that includes full security and management. Backed by quality pilot and deployment support resources, Domino/Notes® based enterprises, from SMB’s to Fortune 500, can securely and reliably, deploy, scale and manage Lotus Notes® messaging and line-of-business applications to mobile devices using a best-of-breed solution.

“With mSuite v4, enterprises can now fulfill a total mobility strategy, without having to deal with multiple vendors but instead, utilizing just one solutions partner who specializes in developing for the Domino environment from the ground up.”, says Nigel Mackrill CEO, “mSuite is the only high quality, affordable alternative to the Blackberry for the Domino/Notes based enterprise. It has already been bestowed with a People’s Choice Award. mSuite utilizes industry-recognized FIPS compliant AES security libraries, and protects against handheld device data theft, identity theft, and fraudulent email attacks. mSuite provides secure wireless data transfer and protection for data stored on devices via technology such as ‘remote kill’.  This is supported by a complete management solution for mobile devices controlling security policies, software and content. mSuite boosts productivity, reduces cost of ownership and increases total benefit of solution and device ownership.”

mSuite™ is the family name for CommonTime’s mobile and wireless products including mobile e-mail/PIM, application development, device management, security underpinned by the CommonTime Mobility Framework (mSuite™ is not a standalone saleable product). mSuite™ includes:-

mNotes™ – the only mobile and ‘wireless push’ messaging solution dedicated to only Lotus Notes/Domino®.

mForms – rapid application development tool that reduces the timescale and complexity of mobilizing your business processes

mSecure PDA – protects against risks by providing multi-layered on-device security for sensitive data and contents of PDAs and Smartphones

mControl – is the best-of-breed management solution for stress-free centralized deployment and maintenance of devices, security and applications for wireless users.

CommonTime Mobility Framework – A robust enterprise infrastructure that adds scalability and wireless optimization; delivering management control for mSuite™ components and fast end-to-end encryption via strong over the air security

To take the first step in trying mSuite™ in your enterprise please go online here:-
http://www.commontime.com/mSuiteDownload.aspx  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC Technical Preview Version

We would like to announce that we have released the latest version, "NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC Technical Preview Version". Now, you can try the new features of NetFront for Pocket PC by downloading the new

New Features of NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC
- Supports VGA LCD
  The new version formally supports VGA LCD display on the machines
  with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC.
- Smart Frame Operation
  You can operate easily the contents with frames on small displays
  for Pocket PCs. By collaborating with Smart-Fit Rendering, this
  feature makes browsing operation more comfortable.

- Supports RSS (RDF Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication) and Atom Feed
  By supporting RSS and Atom Feed, file types for content distribution
  using XML, you can view update information of blogs and news sites.

- Web Data/Password Manager
  This feature provides unified management of username/password
  information entered by a user.

- Popup Block
  This feature prevents popup windows users do not want to see, such as
  advertisements, from appearing.

- Page Translation
  Much more features are included in the latest version.

 For more information >> http://nfppc.access.co.jp/english/ (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 13 2005 by ChrisD
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Handmark® Raises $5-million Venture Funding

Handmark, a global leader in mobile media, has closed a $5 million round of funding. The company creates and delivers consumer friendly access to news, reference, and infotainment content on cell phones and other wireless handhelds.

Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, has closed a $5 million round of funding. Funds advised by Apax Partners co-led the investment with Borealis Ventures and Village Ventures and were joined by EU based Argnor Wireless Ventures. The company’s founding investors, including Hanna Ventures, also participated in this round of funding.

Alan Patricof, Co-Founder of Apax Partners said, "First I became a user of Pocket Express™, then I got to know the company that built it, and now we are an investor. Handmark Pocket Express provides a better way to consume essential information services on a handset. Handmark has packaged technology in a platform that does more than deliver content; it creates a compelling experience that I use everyday." With the completion of this financing, Mr. Patricof has joined the Handmark board of directors. Matt Rightmire, former vice president and general manager of Yahoo, has also joined the Handmark board of directors representing Borealis.

The new funds will be used to expand Handmark marketing and development resources as the company launches its Pocket Express content publishing platform on more devices and in new markets in North America and Europe. Handmark Pocket Express is already deployed as a consumer application in the U.S.; the company also provides technology, content aggregation, and client/server management for carrier delivered consumer services based on Pocket Express.

According to Handmark CEO August Grasis, III, "This investment helps us accelerate growth, and Handmark gains significant advantages from the addition of Alan Patricof and Matt Rightmire to our board. We are delighted to have the backing and global resources of investors with our industry expertise and global resources to drive our expansion plans." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 12 2005 by ChrisD
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Mooseworks Software, LLC is pleased to announce the version 3.0 of the Graph Control

Graph ControlMooseworks Software, LLC is pleased to announce the version 3.0 of the Graph Control has added area graphing, scatter graphing and line and symbol modes. Just like the line and bar chart modes previously, they can be used in combination in one graph. You can even define the image to be used as a data point symbol. We've also added extensibility events that allow you to draw on the graph's canvas. This allows you the flexibility to customize the graph's appearance by drawing marker lines, image backgrounds, etc.

The Graph Control provides every graphing feature you could want: Legends, Zooming, Date/Time, Logarithmic, Inverted axes, Right and Left Y-Axes, Cursor Values, and more, while still providing excellent performance. The control is 100% native .Net, so there are no unmanaged dlls to create deployment worries. Compatible with Windows CE and PocketPC applications. Source code is now available. No redistribution licensing fees and free updates for one full year. Please visit our web site at http://www.mooseworkssoftware.com/graph.htm(Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, September 11 2005 by ChrisD
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