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Week of September 10, 2006

BoxWave’s Dell Axim x50/x51 Accessories: Car Charger Direct

BoxWave is pleased to announce Car Charger Direct™ for Dell Axim x50/x51!

BoxWave's Car Charger Direct™is a car charger that is specifically designed for your Dell Axim x50/x51 and provides a reliable power source for you to conveniently and rapidly charge your Dell Axim x50/x51 in the car! It is designed with a replaceable fuse for added protection against short circuits. The coiled cable keeps the power cord short and gives you extended length when needed.

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Hubdog releases Video Podcast Encoding Guide for Windows Mobile devices

Mobile entertainment enabler, Hubdog , has produced a guide that assists web publishers to encode video podcasts designed to be efficiently playback by a maximum number Windows Mobile Pocket PC & Smartphone devices.

Screenshots: http://www.hubdog.com/blog/?p=43

Hubdog Quick Guide to encoding Video for Windows Mobile devices is available here:


"The wide diversity of devices available for Windows Mobile (WM) has made it very difficult until now for video podcasters to provide a smooth, lag-free encoding format universally compatible with all types of WM Pocket PCs and Smartphones. By putting together this free guide, we hope to eliminate a significant entry barrier and drive far more independent and mainstream producers to create video podcasts for the fast growing Windows Mobile market", says Patrick Hanchay, Hubdog CEO.

Hubdog's ultimate goal is to provide an unmatched solution for bringing together web publishers and Windows Mobile users.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Mobile phone users can now listen to Internet Radio stations from around the world on their phones

-Geodesic launches Mundu Radio providing consumers access to internet radio on mobile phones worldwide -

Mumbai, September 14, 2006: Geodesic, a leading provider of communication and collaboration products on the internet and mobile phones, announced the launch of beta version of Mundu Radio, an innovative mobile internet radio service. Mundu Radio offers free access to unlimited music or broadcast content of choice to its users from any part of the world on their mobile devices.

Mundu Radio provides access to thousands of digital Internet Radio stations and the broadest array of International and Indian music and other content available on the Web today such as Pop, Rock, Classical, Oldies, Instrumental, Bollywood, News and many more. Users can also personalize their playlist and manage their profile using an easy to use interface giving users ultimate freedom to listen to their favorite stations and their favorite genre commercial-free.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Kiran Kulkarni, Managing Director – Geodesic said," Mundu Radio heralds a new era of unlimited mobile entertainment for the new generation who are constantly on the move. Mobile devices today are ubiquitous and users have shown a clear preference to have all their content available on their phones. With Mundu Radio user’s choice of music, news and other content explodes without the need to carry separate devices. Mundu Radio will create even more compelling opportunities for online music fans, artists who are established and new and for broadcast content providers and publishers who are looking to take their content onto the most widely available avenue – Mobile phones."

Mundu Radio operates on mobile phones with internet connection (GPRS - CDMA and GSM) and eliminates the need to carry separate devices for listening to high quality unadulterated music. This service is compatible with popular handsets based on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS platform. Mundu supports streaming at 24Kbps and 32Kbps, which is superior in sound quality experience than currently offered Mp3 streaming on mobile phones.

The beta version of the product is available for free download at the Mundu Radio website http://radio.mundu.com/   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Handango Announces the 2006 Handango Champion Awards Winners

Annual Awards Honor Outstanding Mobile Applications at the Handango Partner Summit

    HURST, Texas, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Handango, the leading provider of mobile content, announced the winners of the Handango Champion Awards at the sixth annual Handango Partner Summit. Nominated by customers and judged by a panel of industry experts and media, the Handango Champion Awards were
presented for BlackBerry(TM), Palm OS(R), UIQ, S60 and Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and Smartphone applications in the following categories: Best Application for Work, Best Application for Play, Best Application for Life, Best New Application and Best Industry Application. A complete list of winners is available at http://www.handango.com/Awards/2006Winners.jsp .

    At the awards ceremony, Handango also recognized seven content providers with "Developer of the Year" awards for outstanding software development, committed customer care and innovation. The winners of the
Developer of the Year awards are:
     *  BlackBerry: Cerience Corporation
     *  Palm OS: RealDice Inc.
     *  UIQ: DataViz, Inc.
     *  S60: Mobile Systems, Inc.
     *  Windows Mobile Pocket PC: Spb Software House
     *  Windows Mobile Smartphone: Fizz Software Ltd
     *  Tablet PC: Agilix Labs, Inc

    "I would like to extend my congratulations to this year's winners and praise their successes," said Randy Eisenman, president and chief executive officer of Handango. "Receiving the title of 'Handango Champion Award
Winner' is a noteworthy honor, as finalists are nominated by customers and winners are chosen by some of the sharpest minds in the mobile content industry."

    Each Handango Champion Award winner will receive a prize package that includes a $5,000 marketing stipend, placement in a special edition of the Handango Champion Newsletter and a variety of other promotional opportunities. Winners and finalists will also be featured prominently on Handango's Web and on-device storefronts. The Handango Champion Award
winners are:
     *  Best Application for Work - RepliGo Professional by Cerience Corporation
     *  Best Application for Play - NEXT by Mobigloo
     *  Best Application for Life - VoiceControl by MobileVoiceControl
     *  Best New Application - SplashID by SplashData

     Palm OS:
     *  Best Application for Work - MobiSystems Office Suite Professional 7 by
        Mobile Systems, Inc.
     *  Best Application for Play - Multiplayer Championship Poker Texas
        Hold'em by RealDice Inc.
     *  Best Application for Life - Pocket Quicken by Landware
     *  Best New Application - BackupBuddy.net by Blue Nomad
     *  Best Industry Application - PocketLingo Wall Street Dictionary by HLCSoft

     *  Best Application for Work - ImageExpo by SysOpen Digia
     *  Best Application for Play - Intelligolf Birdie Edition by Karrier Communications
     *  Best Application for Life - WorldMate by MobiMate
     *  Best New Application - RoadSync by DataViz

     *  Best Application for Work - MobiSystems OfficeSuite by Mobile Systems, Inc.
     *  Best Application for Play - SmartMovie by Lonely Cat Games
     *  Best Application for Life - IM+: Instant Messenger by SHAPE Services
     *  Best New Application - Stuntcar Extreme by Fathammer

     Windows Mobile Pocket PC:
     *  Best Application for Work - Microsoft Voice Command by Microsoft Corporation
     *  Best Application for Play - Spb Air Islands by Spb Software House
     *  Best Application for Life - eWallet by Ilium Software
     *  Best New Application - MobiTV for Pocket PC by MobiTV
     *  Best Industry Application - HanDBase Professional Database Manager by DDH Software

     Windows Mobile-based Smartphone:
     *  Best Application for Work - PhatNotes Smartphone by Phatware
     *  Best Application for Play - Pocket Streamer by e-mobile software
     *  Best Application for Life - SmartVideo by SmartVideo
     *  Best New Application - WeatherBug Mobile by WeatherBug
(Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 14 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave:Standard Capacity Battery Released for Multiple WM Phones!

Boxwave's Standard Capactiy Battery is designed specifically for your Dopod 900!  The Standard capacity battery serves an excellent primary replacement battery.  When you're on the go and don't have time to charge your Dopod 900, bring along BoxWave's new Standard Capacity Battery as spare battery!   It is a rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery that is specifically designed for your device.

The Standard Capacity Battery is also compatible for the following devices:

Dopod 900
Grundig GR980
HTC Universal
i-mate JASJAR
O2 XDA Exec
Orange SPV M5000
Qtek 9000
T-Mobile MDA IV
T-Mobile MDA Pro
Vodafone v1640
Vodafone VPA IV

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 13 2006 by ChrisD
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Adds One-Touch Presets for More Than 80 channels from Top-Rated Music, News and Talk Broadcasters

Doubles the Number of Onscreen Channels Displayed

Users of smartphones and wireless handheld PDAs now have even more choice and control of their mobile audio experience with the latest version of SelectRadio software. In addition to access to more than 5,000 Internet radio channels, including XM Satellite Radio Online*(NASDAQ:XMSR), Shoutcast and radioio (Pink Sheets:IWDM), the new version of SelectRadio software, an add-on program for smartphones and PDAs, has added:

„X More than 20 new music channels from top online broadcaster AccuRadio, including dedicated Broadway, Celtic, classical, comedy, Mozart, and Motown channels and more.

„X Commercial-free versions of all radioio music channels using the SoundPass(sm)* subscription service

„X 20 live worldwide news channels, including BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CSPAN, ESPNews, MSNBC, NPR, Reuters, The Weather Channel and WRN

„X 20 live talk channels covering sports, financial and current events, with the top personalities broadcast in several time slots from around the country

According to a new Internet and Multimedia 2006 Aribitron/Edison Media Research study, the weekly internet radio audience has increased more than 50 percent in the last year.

Noted Kurt Hanson, Internet radio industry expert and CEO of AccuRadio, ˇ§Mobile access is key to the continued expansion of the Internet radio audience and to increased listening hours. We are excited to help our listeners take AccuRadio on the go with the innovative convenience and control capabilities of the new SelectRadio software.ˇ¨

The new version of SelectRadio software also adds new single-line and scrolling display modes to help users browse channels. Listeners can use SelectRadio softwareˇ¦s HyperScan technology to monitor what songs and artists are playing on their favorite channels. For example, users with square-screen smartphones, such as the Treo 700w and HP hw69xx, can now keep eight of their favorite channels in view on the screen. Users with portrait-mode screens, such as the UT Starcom 6700 and Dell Axim x51v, can now keep 15 channels in view with the new SelectRadio display modes. Users can easily search, group and organize their favorite channels to create a variety of presets for easy access and monitoring.


SelectRadio software uses the wireless handheld network connection to provide live radio access on the go, in the office or at home. Since many new wireless handhelds offer multiple network connection options, the new version of SelectRadio provides a connection utility to help automatically establish a network connection. In addition, the new utility helps users check their connection status and available bitrate as they move within or across network coverage areas.

SelectRadio software is compatible with Intel XScale 270-series handheld phones and PDAs such as the latest Dell Axim* models, many HP iPaq* models and others with Microsoft Windows* Mobile 2003/WM 5.0 PPC or Phone Edition operating systems. For live listening, SelectRadio software requires a network connection via either the handheld wireless GPRS/EDGE, EVDO, or WiFi connection or through the USB ActiveSync connection to the desktop. SelectRadio software is priced at $25 for a device-specific license. Customers using licensed copies of SelectRadio v1.x can upgrade the same device to v2.0 for free. A free 10-day fully functional trial is available for evaluation prior to purchase at www.selectradio.com.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 13 2006 by ChrisD
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PresenterNet Launches Industry’s First Mobile Web Conferencing Application

PresenterNet (www.presenternet.com), provider of online interactive Web presentation applications, today launched PresenterNet Mobile Edition, the industry’s first mobile Web Conferencing application.

The new mobile application enables users to present from anywhere using only a PC or a Windows Mobile 5.0 enabled phone or PDA.

Presenting with PresenterNet Mobile Edition from an off-site location, PresenterNet CEO Doug Wolfgram explained, "We realize that a large percentage of Web Conferencing users are also mobile professionals. In many cases, they cannot be in their offices when they need to conference using online media. This new application gives them total flexibility."

Wolfgram further explained that PresenterNet’s experience with Ajax technology and it’s Web 2.0 implementation enabled this Web Application to run on Windows Mobile.

"By leveraging this technology," he added, our mobile user population can present from a coffee shop, an airport lounge and just about anywhere else, without worrying about last-minute schedule changes."

Information on PresenterNet Mobile Edition is available at www.presenternet.com/mobile .

Additional PresenterNet information is available at www.whatis.presenternet.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 13 2006 by ChrisD
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PhatWare’s PhatNotes Smartphone Edition Upgraded to Support Motorola Q

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the new release of its award-winning PhatNotes notes organizer. PhatNotes Smartphone Edition is now compatible with the Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Motorola Q smartphone. The upgraded software now allows users to e-mail notes with voice notes and other attachments and easily navigate through notes in list and edit views with the thumbwheel.

PhatNotes Smartphone Edition includes several new features that improve usability and increase user productivity. It gives smartphone users the ability to instantly dial phone numbers, launch an Internet browser and send e-mail using stored information in PhatNotes. When a PhatNotes document contains a phone number, URL or e-mail address and the user moves the cursor over it, the right button menu allows the user to dial the phone number, open the Web site or compose a new e-mail message with a single click of a button.

With the latest version of PhatNotes Smartphone Edition, Motorola Q users can now use the device’s thumbwheel to easily navigate through notes in list and edit views. The program’s user interface has also been optimized to improve appearance on Motorola Q’s landscape screen. In addition, the new note’s icon indicates if a note has attachments, giving users the ability to e-mail PhatNotes documents with voice notes and other attachments directly from PhatNotes.

"We are pleased to offer Motorola Q users one of the most popular programs in the handheld community, which is now optimized specifically for this device,” said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare. "The new features we added to PhatNotes Smartphone Edition will let Motorola Q customers use their devices to the fullest extent.”

PhatNotes Smartphone Edition works on Windows Mobile-based smartphone devices running Windows Mobile 3.0 or later. The software is currently available and can be purchased from the PhatWare Web site at www.phatware.com for $24.95. This limited-time offer expires in September 2006. PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition is a free upgrade for registered users of previous versions of PhatNotes Smartphone Edition. For more information about PhatNotes Smartphone Edition or other award-winning PhatWare products, visit www.phatware.com .  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, September 12 2006 by ChrisD
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