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Week of August 10, 2008

VSNOTEPAD 2.0 for Windows Mobile available shortly

Virtual Spaghetti Software are pleased to announce is newest version of the solicited VsNotepad in its version 2.0. VsNotepad 2 is a unique software that allows you to record and organize your notes easily using a modern, simple and complete interface.

Since its first version in 2006, VsNotepad quickly attracted a wide public of users who want to organize their notes properly “on the fly”.

Today, VsNotepad is still considered as one of the best notetaking softwares on the market. The newest version will bring even more functionality such as the implementation of notebooks, a unique feature that adds another dimension to your daily notes.

 Characteristics of VsNotepad 2:

-- NEW Creation of several customized notebooks.
-- NEW Software 2x faster than the previous version.
-- NEW Interface with fast and modern animation.
-- NEW Note manager.
-- NEW Note reminder (alarm).
-- NEW Quick selection and visualization of pages.
-- NEW Underline.
-- NEW Icon to simplify the creation of your “to do” lists.
-- NEW Possibility to save the pages separately or the whole notebook in JPEG format.
-- NEW Possibility to include text with a virtual keyboard.
-- Note taking on the fly, ideal to record your appointments, draw, make your shopping list etc.
-- Eraser and history cancellation (undo).
-- Standard tracing tools (sizes, colors).
-- Geometric drawing tools: circle, rectangle, line.
-- Multifunctional calculator.
-- Quick change of pages (without loading).
-- Full screen notetaking.

Pricing and Availability

VsNotepad 2 is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher. VsNotepad 2 will be available on August 18, 2008 at $39,95.

Additional Information  

For more information on VsNotepad 2, please visit our website.

Virtual Spaghetti Software Website:
http://www.virtualspaghetti.com/  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, August 14 2008 by ChrisD
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