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Week of June 10, 2007

HeroCraft, a well known mobile game developer, releases the new game for PDA and smarptphones Happy Lines.

Happy LinesHappy Lines is the new attractive puzzle with simple rules, intellectual tasks and capturing gameplay. There are several different game modes, and the constantly increasing game difficulty won't let you reduce attention even for a minute. 

Happy Lines is all you need to spend your time with use, entertain yourself and test your intelligence and intuition. Happy Lines offer ideal composition of arcade and logical elements, variety of levels, colorful graphics, pleasant music, several game modes and a lot of diverse amusing features.

It's impossible to stand from falling in love with Happy Lines! Just choose the mode you prefer compete with time, struggling for the precious seconds or gather your scores leisurely, create the longest lines or compose the figures. Dare to pass fourty original levels which are completely different in rules and shape or have your fun on any level you like.

The detailed information on the game, including screenshots, trailers and links for demo versions is available on the company site http://smart.herocraft.com

 Game features

*      2 game modes arcade and classic
*      40 original levels
*      Bright high-quality graphics
*      Simple interface
*      Possibility to tune the game to your taste
*      2 game types: lines and squares
*      Stylish soundtrack
(Source: Press Release) 

Posted Thursday, June 14 2007 by ChrisD
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Pocket Informant for Smartphone update for VOX

Posted Wednesday, June 13 2007 by ChrisD
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MASPware GPSmeter Professional Edition 3.0

MASPware GPSmeter Professional Edition 3.0 Turn your Pocket PC into a high precision metering machine using your GPS receiver! With MASPware GPSmeter you can measure short and long distances (beeline or routelength), altitude differences, timespans, average values and min-max-values using an internal or external GPS receiver.

Whether measuring you golf drives or the route length to you work, everythings no problem!

Precision depends on the GPS Receiver you use. MASPware GPSmeter improves accuracy by calculating averages of position datasets. Furthermore, MASPware GPSmeter uses a High-Precision-Algorithm to evaluate precision values of the GPS receiver (Dilution of precision values).

So MASPware GPSmeter only uses high precision dataset values. Additionaly, you can use expert precision settings, to enforce needed precision!

# compatible to NMEA0183 (almost all GPS receiver available support it!)
# metric (m/kmh), nautic (nm/knots) and US/UK System (yards/mph)
# DMS/DM/D or UTM or Maidenhead display
# full Windows Mobile 5 support
# version 3.x updates for free
# Google Earth export incl. altitude values (e.g. for flight measures)
# waypoints and timestamps
# time measures incl. average speed values
# automated GPS detection
# own expert precision settings (DOP thresholds)
# graphical altitude profile
# real support for VGA devices
# warnings configurable (Speed, Altitude, Battery-level)
# automated updates
# log function  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, June 11 2007 by ChrisD
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Rinfix, one of the key developers of pocket pc software, launched Pocket File Manager 1.2

- a software tool designed to enhance the effeciency of pocket pc exploration and get the utmost from its capabilities.

Incredibly useful and feature-rich, the solution is amazingly user-friendly. Fully customizable Pocket File Manager 1.2 offers its users dual-pane layout (horizontal or vertical at the user's choice) with 3 built-in color schemes and enables 6 file view modes and 7 file sort modes. To further facilitate file management chores Pocket File Manager 1.2 offers files highlighting according to type and attributes. Pocket File Manager 1.2 supports all principal file and folder actions: file viewing and changing file/folder properties; creating, copying, moving, renaming or deleting files and folders; shortcut creation, viewing and changing file associations.

Designed with functionality in mind, Pocket File Manager 1.2 offers advanced file search and selection options such as single-tap selection or multiple file selection with a variety of customizable filters and others. File search can be executed by attributes, date or size; if that's not enough name filters and text search are at users' disposal.

Among other capabilities are easy navigation with or without stylus, featuring single/double tap navigation modes with bookmarks for quick access to favorite folders and storage cards.

Key competitive advantages of the solution include file encryption capabilities with a variety of algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Twofish, DES, 3DES, Cast5, RC2, RC5, RC6), automated folder content updates, quick file transfer via IR and bluetooth, enhanced key mapping to assign several actions to one and the same key etc. Pocket File Manager 1.2 works under Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, 5.0, 6.0 and supports VGA-devices.

In other words, Pocket File Manager 1.2 offers an unrivaled price-to-feature ratio to best target your needs.

Read more about Pocket File Manager at http://www.pocketfilemanager.com Download the demo version for free from:   http://www.pocketfilemanager.com/download/PocketFileManager.exe  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, June 10 2007 by ChrisD
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