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Week of February 10, 2008

Treo 500 - first unboxing video

Palm’s first Windows Mobile Smartphone(the 500v for Vodafone) has been reviewed all over the internet. However, the company has recently released an unlocked version of the device called Treo 500 - and TamsWMS is proud to be the first news service to present you the beginning of a Treo 500 review…by unpacking the box.  (Source:

Tam Hanna, Tam's Palm)

Posted Wednesday, February 13 2008 by ChrisD
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Paragon Software Showcases Handy Weather Service – the Most Innovative Way of Getting Instant Weather Forecasts Directly to Mobile Devices Weather Data Provided by Intellicast Meteorological Company

Freiburg, Germany – Febr. 12, 2008 – Paragon Software Group (SHDD & Epocware divisions), the leading developer of innovative software applications for mobile devices and PC desktops, is proud to announce that users of its Handy Weather application for PDAs and smartphones will now be supported by the most reliable Intellicast service of Weather Services International, the authority for expert weather data.
Paragon Software (Paragon Technologie GmbH) will demonstrate its flagship Handy Weather service with its extended and highly detailed graphical capabilities at Mobile World Congress 2008, Febr. 11-14,
Hall 7, Stand 7C33.  

Handy Weather is the easiest and most reliable way of accessing local, as well as distant, weather information in Celsius and Fahrenheit – all in a mobile environment. Handy Weather's users can get instant and detailed five-day weather forecasts, supported by satellite weather maps, for thousands of cities worldwide. To get expert weather data, users can pick any location from a preset list of 15,000 cities from all over the world. Wireless Internet compatibility is the only requirement needed for users to get real-time weather information when away from the desk.

Handy Weather's comprehensive forecasts are provided 24/7 through Intellicast's weather database that has served more than four million users for over a decade and has an acclaimed reputation for its stability and reliance. At the same time, Paragon's server guarantees fast data access for up to two million simultaneous users.

Some of Handy Weather features include:
•    Celsius and Fahrenheit options for high and low day temperature
•    Temperature graphics
•    Wind direction and speed
•    UV index
•    Pressure and visibility
•    Humidity, and other important weather data

In addition, Handy Weather's latest release has a new feature enabling its users to get visual representations of various weather conditions by way of viewing several types of maps, such as Current Temperature, Pressure and Satellite maps. These graphically attractive maps can be customized according to the individual user's needs – one can view the map in its actual or full size, fitting precisely within the device's

For maximum ease of use, Handy Weather can be set to automatically update weather forecasts at certain intervals (every four, eight, twelve or twenty-four hours), or at a specifically desired time preset by the user. Furthermore, every time the wireless phone is activated, a weather forecast automatically downloads on the device, whether the application is running or not. Wireless Internet compatibility is the only condition required to set the updates in the automatic updates mode.

"Coupled with the most reliable data access support by the meteorological veteran Intellicast, Handy Weather makes a perfect solution for our mobile customers, allowing them to get the most updated and feature-rich weather forecasts for any desired destination wirelessly and with little effort on their part," said Jeanne Kolesnik, Paragon's Business Development Director, Smart Handheld Devices and Epocware divisions. "Handy Weather's timely and detailed weather information offers people on-the-go that much needed piece of mind to better plan their business or outdoor activities."

Handy Weather is Paragon's most popular application for Windows Mobile and S60 on Symbian OS, topping best-selling lists and becoming the first Symbian Signed applications for Symbian OS v9. A one-year subscription for Handy Weather wireless weather forecast service is available for 19.95 USD via download from http://www.penreader.com and http://www.epocware.com. For other sales inquiries, please contact Paragon at [email protected].

Languages supported:
Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak,
Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, February 13 2008 by ChrisD
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GoodWin - iPhony launcher for Windows Mobile updated!

Today plug-in, interaction with SMS-Chat and FunContact and more

12 February, 2008 – VITO Technology releases new version of task manager GoodWin. New GoodWin features Today plug-in and also fully supports FunContact and SMS-Chat. New GoodWin also features some minor improvements like quicker start-up and instant switching between favorites, installed programs and settings. Finger-friendly interface with animated menus is very appealing, once seen never forgotten, and once tried always used. Manage your Windows Mobile device with a flick of a finger!

The main advantage of GoodWin as a launcher and task manager is its scrollable finger-friendly interface.  GoodWin presents  on a single screen all important PIM info together with quick access to the list of favorite and running programs, installed applications, and settings! Apart from smooth finger scrolling you can also quickly jump  from Favorites & Running to Programs, Settings or menu button by tapping transparent up and down arrows at the bottom of the screen.

A good piece of news for Today plug-ins fans. New GoodWin supports Today plug-in for quick access to GoodWin, Messaging, Tasks, e-mail, and call log. If you already use FunContact or SMS-Chat, you can benefit by using this software with GoodWin. The big text messaging icon in GoodWin takes you directly to SMS-Chat while the missed calls icon opens call log in FunContact. It's time to say farewell to the old-fashioned Windows Mobile interface!

Other changes include replacement of the big clock icon with a task icon that shows the number of current tasks. The clock has moved to the top bar. It provides quick access to time settings. Tapping cellular carrier icon now opens phone settings. Thanks to  inexhaustible feedback from our customers VITO Technology never stops optimizing GoodWin. This version is just the beginning of changes that are still due to come. 

GoodWin is available for $ 19.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com. Current customers upgrade for free.    (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, February 12 2008 by ChrisD
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Streamezzo Unleashes Its Open Development Platform For The Mobile Ecosystem

The Only Proven Universal Software Platform is Now Open and Freely Available for Developing Compelling Rich Media Applications and Services that Overcome the Mobile Industry's Technical Challenges and Fragmentation

Mobile World Congress 2008 (Hall 7, Stand 7C28) - Barcelona, Spain - 11 February, 2008; Streamezzo, a pioneering software provider that is unifying the mobile ecosystem through its Universal Rich Media Platform(tm), today announced the general availability of Streamezzo
Workbench(tm) SDK -  Streamezzo's open development environment.  Today's announcement empowers developers, system integrators and the rest of the mobile community to develop mobile applications once and run them in virtually any mobile environment, overcoming one of the industry's greatest hurdles.  In announcing the open availability of Streamezzo Workbench SDK, Streamezzo will spur innovation and accelerate the deployment of compelling, user-centric rich media mobile applications and services throughout the mobile Internet.

"Cellular data services, mobile Internet, and upcoming 4G technologies hold out the promise of Internet-like ubiquity for mobile applications, but the sheer complexity of porting code to dozens of platforms and hundreds of devices is delaying the market," said Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst with In-Stat.  "Streamezzo's solution presents a breakthrough that can jump start revenues for carriers, content providers and application developers."

Streamezzo's Universal Rich Media Platform overcomes the myriad technology issues and industry fragmentation that have thwarted mobile innovation and slowed the adoption of enhanced mobile services.
Streamezzo solves these limitations with an innovative client/server architecture that operates at a layer above the chaos and complexities associated with operating systems and handsets.  Streamezzo's platform is certified on over 250 mobile devices and supports all major operating systems/platforms, including: Windows Mobile(r), Symbian(r) , Brew(r) , Java(r), Linux(r),  and most recently Android(tm).

 "Content providers and application developers spend considerable time and effort creating and adapting rich content and services for the complexities of today's mobile environment.  Instead of adapting existing content, these resources could be better invested in the creation of new content, application innovation, and the marketing of existing titles, which would substantially enhance mobile content and services penetration," said James Brehm, Senior Consultant, Mobile Communications Practice, Frost & Sullivan.  "Frost & Sullivan believes that the Streamezzo platform is a breakthrough in solving one of the mobile industry's great challenges."

The open availability of Streamezzo Workbench SDK reinforces the company's commitment to the widespread deployment and adoption of ubiquitous rich media services offering the ultimate user experience.
Now, developers can dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity of mobile application development by leveraging Streamezzo's Universal Rich Media Platform to develop and deploy applications that are "write once - run anywhere."

 "We've spent the last 3 years creating and perfecting a software platform that solves our industry's technical challenges, and our technology has been proven in deployments with some of the world's largest operators and handset manufacturers," said Alain Blancquart, CEO of Streamezzo.  "The Android initiative claims to strive for similar goals, yet its approach does not solve the issues of fragmentation or competing mobile standards, and its ability to deliver an enhanced user experience remains to be seen."

Members of Streamezzo's open developer community can freely download the tools needed to build and deploy custom applications and plug-ins using Streamezzo's Workbench SDK, which includes coding features to provide contextual assistance for streamlined coding and validation, along with an integrated emulator to further enhance developer productivity.

The complete Streamezzo Workbench SDK, including documentation, code samples and APIs, can be freely accessed effective February 25, 2008 via Streamezzo's website at www.streamezzo.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 11 2008 by ChrisD
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ActiveUpdate is an advanced corporate tool that can be used to provide instant file and content update for ALL your Windows Mobile Devices."

Why do you need ActiveUpdate?
Let's say your company wants to customize 10.000 mobile devices with a customization software called CS. From time to time you want to offer your customers updated content for the CS, but to install it on all your customer devices you only have a few options:

·  physical access to the mobile devices: the customers should bring their devices back to you, which is extremely hard to organize and takes a lot of time, and you won't reach ALL the devices spread on the market.

·  provide the updated software on your webpage and ask your customers to download it and install it manually - not all the customers read your webpage - not all of them are aware of how to install the update - and not all of them will be willing to spend their time with this upgrade. You will also loose a lot of time on your side, offering technical support regarding this procedure.

·  Distribute Secure Data (SD) Cards containing the update to your clients - this would work but it can be very expensive.
Using ActiveUpdate you don't need to worry about all these content update problems - simply install the ActiveUpdate client on all the mobile devices before you distribute them to your clients, and the rest can be easily performed from your comfortable office desktop: you upload the new CS files, specify the update parameters and all the mobile devices will be running the new content within a few days, by using ActiveUpdate and Internet file transfer protocols.
As you can see this technology is an useful tool that would fit your requirements extremely well.

ActiveUpdate comes with 30 days free trial period, so take advantage of this offer and visit www.teksoftco.com or www.teksoftco.com/products/activeupdate now.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 11 2008 by ChrisD
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Kingston Technology Unveils DataTraveler Micro Reader Making Mobile Phone Memory Card Use More Flexible

New USB Flash Drive/Reader Offers Expansion Possibilities for Mobile Users Everywhere

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain and Fountain Valley, CA USA -- (February 11, 2008)
-- Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the DataTraveler® Micro Reader, an all-in-one USB Flash drive and reader that can store, transfer and read content on mobile memory cards.

"As mobile phones perform more sophisticated functions, carving a greater place in the lives of mobile consumers, Kingston is developing faster speed/larger capacity cards and versatile USB/card/device readers to help users get the most out of their devices,” said Jean Wong, Flash memory product manager, Kingston®. "We believe the DT Micro Reader will be well received by the mobile community as a smart single-solution to navigate the plethora of devices and card formats on the market.”

The DataTraveler Micro Reader is enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost(TM), and features onboard Flash memory up to 4GB* and an expansion slot to read microSD, microSDHC, or Memory Stick Micro(TM) (M2) cards. It is the perfect device for users who want to minimize the number of devices they carry and still have a USB drive handy for storage and a reliable method to transfer songs, videos, photos, and more between a mobile phone and computer.

Mobile phones that utilize microSD, microSDHC or Memory Stick Micro(TM) (M2) memory cards can take advantage of the DT Micro Reader's simple drag and drop action that easily transfers files between one's PC or Mac and mobile phone. Digital content can now be enjoyed on the phone without the need for cables.

The DataTraveler Micro Reader is backed by a five-year warranty and legendary Kingston service and support.
The 1GB version will ship this month, followed by the
2- and 4GB capacities.

• Versatile: use as a USB Flash drive and/or reader for microSD, microSDHC, and Memory Stick Micro(TM) (M2)** • Compliant: with SD 2.00, microSDHC and USB 2.0 • Convenient: pocket-sized for easy transportability • Simple: plug and play into any USB port • Guaranteed: five-year warranty • Dimensions: 2.52" x 0.78" x 0.41"
  (64.0 mm x 19.8mm x 10.4mm)
• Capacities*: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
• Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost***
• Operating temperatures: -32° to 140° F
   (0° to 60° C)
• Storage temperatures: -4° to 185° F
   (-20° to -85° C)
• Weight: 0.31 oz. (8.68 g)

Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader
Part Number  MSRP (U.S. only)
DTCRC/1GB  $ 19.25
DTCRC/2GB  $ 28.25
DTCRC/4GB  $ 42.00  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 11 2008 by ChrisD
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T-Mobile International Selects Visto to Bring Mobile Push Email to the Mass Market

* Launch Reinforces Visto's Global Leadership and Innovation for Mobile Messaging

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 11, 2008 - Visto, the leading global provider of mobile email, today announced that T-Mobile International has selected Visto Mobile(tm) to power T-Mobile's Mobile E-Mail Pro, a broad based, easy-to-use push email service.

 "After a thorough evaluation of push email messaging platforms, T-Mobile selected Visto on the basis of its technology leadership as well as time-to-market advantages. Due to increasing demand from within our fast growing subscriber base, we are aggressively expanding our push-based mobile email offering," said Joachim Horn, chief technology officer of T-Mobile International.  "We recognize that more and more consumers and business customers would like the convenience and added responsiveness that mobile email can bring to their day. With the new Visto-powered service, we offer, easy-to-use, solution for mass market adoption." 

Mobile E-Mail Pro from T-Mobile is available in Germany and is expected to roll out across Europe over the next 18 months. It will provide instant access to all types of Internet accounts as well as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes email accounts from a broad range of consumer and business mobile devices including Symbian Series 40/60, UIQ, Windows Mobile 5/6 and Java enabled phones. In addition, users will be able to maintain and access an up-to-date calendar and contacts list centrally, via an online secure portal.

 "Our selection by T-Mobile is again validation that Visto is providing the world's best technology to bring consumer and business email to any device, said Brian A. Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto."

"T-Mobile has a long history of quality of service and innovation," added Frederic Aries, senior vice president and general manager of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for Visto. "With more than 100 million subscribers on its network, T-Mobile is renowned for having one of the fastest growth rates for data products and services. T-Mobile's choice of Visto is a major milestone in our development in Europe and will significantly contribute to the rapid expansion of the mobile email market for all individuals.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, February 10 2008 by ChrisD
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