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Week of January 10, 2010

Network flaw causes scary Web error

After typing Facebook.com into her Nokia smart phone she was taken into the site without being asked for her user name or password. She was in an account that didn't look like hers. She had fewer friend requests than she remembered. Then she found a picture of the page's owner. (Source: Jordan Robertson, MSNBC)

Posted Friday, January 15 2010 by ChrisD
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Cell-phone banking offers financial help to Third World

Imagine your life if you had no access to banks, ATMs, credit cards, or savings and checking accounts -- just cash that you needed to hide or carry around. It would be hard to save, plan, get ahead, take chances, or feel secure.

For billions of poor people in the developing world, that's how life has always been -- and it's a big reason why many have remained poor. And because they're poor, banks steer clear of them.

Enter the cell phone. (Source: Steve Mollman, CNN)

Posted Friday, January 15 2010 by ChrisD
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