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Week of July 1, 2007

2,000 mNotes5 Beta Licences Up for Grabs!

Get Wireless Lotus Notes Email for Free

Would you like to take your Lotus Notes wireless?

CommonTime are launching mNotes5, a fully secure wireless Lotus Notes service. It represents enterprise strength wireless Lotus Notes messaging for individuals.

This offer is open to anyone who has previously purchased a CommonTime product and has full valid maintenance (buy maintenance on your software here to qualify) (This promotion is for individuals, NOT enterprises)

mNotes5 is the richest most cost effective personal mobility solution available to individuals who work with IBM Lotus Notes as their messaging system.

By combining the simplicity, data integrity and functionality experienced by our existing mNotes customers over the past 8 years with the class leading Enterprise features of mSuite CommonTime aim to  provide the complete mobility solution to individual users like you.

mNotes5 offers a simple migration path from your existing mNotes product to fully secure wireless mobility, while still supporting desktop-based synchronization

What do I get?

What does it cost?

If you have valid software maintenance on any CommonTime software product then mNotes5 Beta costs nothing until the full production software release.

After general release mNotes5 is available on a subscription basis.

Existing CommonTime customers with valid maintenance on their existing software will receive a significant discount (20%) off the subscription price of the full release mNotes5 software in September.

How do I sign up for the Beta?

We are inviting mNotes users who have current valid maintenance for mNotes to pre-register for the mNotes5 Beta program. Experience the ultimate 2 way push mobility (offer limited to the first 2000 users).

Enjoy 2 months FREE wireless services (There will be no subscription charges for CommonTime's wireless Lotus Notes services during the Beta trial period).

Click here to pre-register now for mNotes5 Beta

Pre-register now for mNotes5 Beta!

(Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, July 6 2007 by ChrisD
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Text to Speech GPS Software: iGuidance Version 4

Semsons.com, specialty retailer for PDA/Smartphone GPS hardware + software, is now shipping the latest release of the award winning navigational software iGuidance Ver. 4. The V4 release features: New Navteq Database including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, Text to Speech (TTS) (Street Names pronounced in voice guidance), Extended POI listings (6 million), seamless map file for entire North America (1.3GB) and more. Best of all, iGuidance V4 still comes with the Pocket PC (PPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and 6), Laptop/UMPC/Car PC versions all in one DVD. For more product info and screen shots, please click here: http://www.semsons.com/igv4noamforp.html   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, July 6 2007 by ChrisD
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VITO Remote for Smartphone updated

Universal remote for all your electronics

2 July, 2007 VITO Technology updates VITO Remote for Smartphone the first universal remote control for Windows Mobile Smartphones. You can finally replace all your TV, Video, Home Theater and other remote controls with your stylish and compact Smartphone!

VITO Remote for Smartphone allows you to teach you Smartphone all the commands from original remote controls for your home and office electronics. Simply place Smartphone and an original remote control with their infrared ports facing each other, press a button on Smartphone and then on an original remote control: your Smartphone has learned it!

The updated version features a new skin and more supported screen resolutions: 176x220 and 320x240 (alongside with 240x320). This means more Smartphone users (like Motorola Q8, Samsung SGH-i320n, and Okwap K728) can now enjoy VITO Remote for Smartphone.

VITO Remote for Smartphones is available for $15.95 at http://vitotechnology.com. The system requirements are Windows Mobile Smartphone with Intel XScale or Samsung processor. See the complete list of compatible devices at http://vitotechnology.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, July 3 2007 by ChrisD
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Chapura(r) Connects Windows Mobile Call Log with Microsoft Outlook Journal for Comprehensive Contact Management

New CallsToJournal(tm) Software Adds Effective Use of Windows Mobile Call Log Data

Chapura(r), Inc., an innovator of synchronization technology, today released CallsToJournal(tm) for Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone editions of Windows Mobile 5 and 6, to help improve the accuracy of the customer's contact management by more effectively using the information captured in the built-in call log.

CallsToJournal software lets owners keep track of conversations on their PC desktop by uploading the call log to Outlook Journal entries, and linking them to the corresponding Outlook Contacts. CallsToJournal facilitates the call history component of contact management, while other of Chapura's award-winning software products offer synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks.

Connecting the Windows Mobile Call Log with Microsoft Outlook, a desktop personal information manager used by an estimated 130 million people, taps into the ever-growing market of people using smartphones as a way manage their business and personal lives while on the go.

Details on CallsToJournal for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC phones

* Keeping track of when calls happened and with whom they took

place helps busy professionals keep up with important details that can result in more rewarding relationships with customers and associates.

CallsToJournal is intuitive and simple to use. Reliable uploading of the call log on the smartphone to the Outlook Journal on the desktop happens behind the scenes and offers easy access to phone calls and contact information at any time.

* CallsToJournal creates an Outlook Journal entry for each call

and links the entry to the corresponding Outlook Contact. The call then appears on that linked contact's Activities list for easy tracking of past phone conversations.

Pricing and Availability of CallsToJournal CallsToJournal is available for $19.95 on the Chapura Web site, www.chapura.com.

Customer Service and Support

Chapura ActuallySM Technical Support offers free, knowledgeable and responsive customer support via FAQs on the company's Web site, email and telephone.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, July 2 2007 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software updates MyList. Introducing support for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices!

July 09, 2007 - After the release of SBSH MyList for Pocket PC, SBSH Mobile Software announced today the update of SBSH MyList to version 2.1! SBSH MyList 2.1 is delivering complete Windows Mobile Smartphone support, bringing the fun of MyList organizations capabilities to the Windows Mobile Smartphone community! SBSH MyList is a powerful list manager application designed with a user-friendly interface that guarantee thing will get organized!

SBSH MyList is a rich and easy to use list manager that allows you to create lists for any purpose that will help you bring order to your life! Create lists for your daily activities such as: grocery list, To-Do's, collections, frequent flights packaging, project development and more! MyList also comes with a user-friendly interface.

SBSH MyList Highlights

Lists Manager - Creating your own lists has never been easier! Easily organize your lists in categories, import and export them to common file format for PC use, customize font's size, face and color for category captions and much more! SBSH MyList also introduces complete one-hand navigation control.

List view - MyList enables you to easily view your lists, add or remove items from existing lists and more. Additionally, it enables the user to choose his own fields for sorting lists, modify list items, define font size and face and much more!

Templates Manager - MyList makes it easier to choose fields from a variety of field type: date, time, priority, string, boolean, number, checkbox and more! Create templates to define your list fields and default list icon, define default value for each list field and much more!

Windows Mobile 6 Compatibility -MyList is compatible with Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and new Windows Mobile 6 operating systems, carrying a complete multi-language support including English, German, French, Dutch and Hebrew translations! MyList includes full support for VGA devices and all available orientations!

More information about SBSH MyList for Smartphone can be found at the following URL: http://www.sbsh.net/products/mylist_sp

Pricing and Availability

SBSH MyList costs $14.95

SBSH MyList for Smartphone can be purchased using the SBSH Online Store at the following URL:

Additional distributors are available on our site in the following URL:

Downloads and Support

SBSH MyList for Smartphone trial version can be downloaded at the following URL:

For any additional questions/suggestions we invite you to post at our forums:
Click here to enter SBSH Mobile Software forums

Or contact our support team at:
[email protected]  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, July 2 2007 by ChrisD
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