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Week of May 1, 2005

HNS Consulting Announces Confidential Notes for Pocket PC

Create and organize your notes in a secure and easy to use environment

HNS Consulting Ltd. today announced Confidential Notes, a security product offering PDA users the ability to keep their data private and safe. Confidential Notes is a practical and easy to use solution that instantly provides you with a high level of security for your mobile data.

Product features include:

- four types of notes can be created (text, sketch, audio, combo).
- customized folders can be created offering the user faster access to their personal, business or any other specific data.
- two password authorization levels: standard and advanced.
- during all time notes are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption.
- notes can be read and created just after a successful login into the program.
- users can change their passwords or password authentication modes at any time.
- the folder containing the encrypted notes can be easily backed-up.

Confidential Notes 1.0 runs on Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices. The installation is available in both Microsoft Windows Setup format and CAB format. The required space for installing the software to the device is just 300 kb.

For more information on Confidential Notes, screenshots and videos, visit http://www.pocketpcsecurity.com

Members of the press and online journalists are eligible to receive a complimentary review copy of Confidential Notes. If you are interested in this opportunity please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your details.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, May 4 2005 by ChrisD
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St. Clair Hospital Reduces Medication Administration Errors with Socket Communications Bar Code Scanning Technology

Solution Saves Lives and Increases Hospital Staff

Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), the Mobile Connection™ Company, today announced St. Clair Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, selected Socket’s bar code scanning technology to upgrade and automate the hospital patient care system. St. Clair is using Socket’s In-Hand Scan Card with Pocket PCs in conjunction with Veriscan from Sculptor Developmental Technologies, Inc., a software engineering company dedicated to providing software solutions to the healthcare industry, to reduce medication errors, streamline workflow and improve patient safety.

According to the Institute of Medicine, medical errors kill an estimated 44,000 to 98,000 Americans every year, including 7,000 deaths from medication-related errors alone. At St. Clair, the wireless handheld medication verification system increases patient safety by reducing bedside medication errors. The system provides real-time bedside 5-Rights Medication Verification utilizing Wi-Fi® enabled wireless Pocket PCs. The system positively identifies the nurse, patient and medication through Socket’s bar code scanning technology to ensure the right patient is receiving the right medication and dose via the right form of administration at the right time.

“We know that the majority of medication errors occur at the point of administration,” said Tom Ague, COO at St. Clair. “The Medication Verification System is cutting that number significantly, bringing an enhanced quality of care and safety to our patients. Healthcare professionals find the easy-to-carry wireless handheld computer simple to operate. Bar coding at St. Clair has received substantial support from its nurses by relieving their apprehension about making errors, reducing their administrative burden, and promoting accurate documentation.”

Prior to the implementation of the bar code scanning solution at St. Clair, only one in every eight medication errors were identified, with approximately 600 errors being reported annually to the hospital Board of Directors.

With the bar code scanning solution in place, an annualized 5,000 potential medication errors were identified and prevented. In addition to controlling risk factors that may harm a patient, St. Clair is also realizing increased productivity and cost savings through this application. Overall nursing time spent at the end of the shift on documentation tasks is now saved through the application’s real-time wireless charting.

The sophistication of the 5-Rights Medication Verification software on the handheld form factor provides an efficient means to enable the nurse to enter medical observations. The observations are then automatically posted to the patient chart.

The underlying technology includes 2-way wireless communication with proprietary data encryption, 5-Rights Medication Verification software, HL7 Interface capability, RFID and bar code encoding and reading capabilities. The Socket In-Hand Scan Card combines Socket’s Mobility Friendly™ CompactFlash technology with the world’s smallest scanner engine.

“Bar code technology excels at improving efficiency and eliminating human error,” said Peter Phillips, vice president of marketing at Socket Communications. “It’s for this reason that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has mandated that all drugs and biological products such as units of blood in hospitals have identifying bar codes. The solution developed by Sculptor which utilizes Socket’s lightweight, rugged scanning products is helping to increase staff productivity, create cost savings for the facility, and most importantly, increase patient care quality.” (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 3 2005 by ChrisD
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Socket Communications Releases Wi-Fi Companion Software for Pocket PCs With Built-In 802.11 WLAN; Intuitive, Graphical User Interface Provides Enhanced Ability to Find, Connect and Manage WLAN Connections

Socket Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SCKT), the Mobile Connection(TM) Company, today announced the Socket Wi-Fi(R) Companion. Designed for Pocket PCs with integrated 802.11 WLAN, the Socket Wi-Fi Companion is an intuitive, graphical software application that greatly improves the user's experience detecting hotspots, setting up and monitoring a connection, performing basic site management functions, viewing access points and determining the strength of a wireless connection.

"The growing presence of WLAN access points and hotspots is creating demand for smart mobile devices with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity," said Shail Talati, product marketing manager, WLAN and Ethernet Products at Socket Communications. "With an intuitive graphical user interface and the ability to quickly determine a Wi-Fi network's parameters, the Socket Wi-Fi Companion empowers the mobile user to easily go immediately from detecting available networks to configuring a connection."

Socket's Wi-Fi Companion software improves the built-in Pocket PC WLAN by providing an intuitive graphical user interface, along with tools to improve the user's experience with WLAN connectivity. Integrated Profile Configuration Capability enables users to quickly identify available networks and configure for connection. Socket's Wi-Fi Companion determines the presence and level of wireless coverage, whether security is enabled and the type of security used. With ping and trace route diagnostic tools, troubleshooting to determine where network issues exist becomes effortless. In addition, connection persistence capability continuously manages and maintains the user's connection. The Wi-Fi Companion also automatically manages the WLAN power save setting to maximize the Pocket PC's battery life.


Socket's Wi-Fi Companion is compatible with HP, ASUS and Dell Pocket PCs with built-in WLAN capability. It also efficiently integrates with all of the WLAN security protocols supported by Windows Mobile (WPA, WPA-PSK, 802.1x, 40/128-bit WEP, Open).

Pricing and Availability

Socket's Wi-Fi Companion is available immediately in CD-ROM format through Socket's North American distribution channels with an MSRP of $24.99. The Wi-Fi Companion is also available for download from Socket's website and www.handango.com  

Existing Socket CF and SDIO Wireless LAN Card customers can download the Wi-Fi Companion at no charge beginning May 16. (Source: Press Release, BusinessWire)
Posted Monday, May 2 2005 by ChrisD
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New version 2.0 - PocketMusic for Smartphone

PocketMusic Player 2.0 for Windows Powered Smartphones released. New music player has unique for Smartphones features:

- HTTP Streaming for MP3 and OGG (Shoutcast and Icecast Internet Radio Stations). See here: http://yp.shoutcast.com
- Crossfading and Gapless playback
- Alarm feature – wake up with your favorite music!
- WMA playback (Windows Mobile 2003 or later required) with 10-band equalizer (Equalizer requires CPU operating at 200 MHz or more).
- Sleep timer (stop playback after specified time)
- Adjustable fast forward/rewind speed
- Option to remember current playing position on exit and continue playback from that position after program restart.
- Automatic playback pause on incoming calls.
- Improved performance

"PocketMusic for Smartphone" Web-page: http://www.pocketmind.com/pocketmusicsp.htm
Download link: http://www.pocketmind.com/files/pmsmart.exe (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, May 1 2005 by ChrisD
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Merlin's Tools MTTimeTracker for the Smartphone

Merlin's Tools MTTimeTracker for the Smartphone, a .NET time and expense tracking application designed for the .NET Compact Framework. Professionals who need accurate time tracking for accounting and billing purposes must have a convenient and reliable way to capture that time as it occurs and be able to process that time to a format suitable for billing the client. Smart devices such as Pocket PCs and SmartPhones are the perfect platform for host a robust solution to address these needs. MTTimeTracker was designed to work quickly and reliably within a small memory space yet be robust enough for capturing multiple streams of information from multiple sources. The User Interface is presented in a very recognizable metaphor and all operations can be performed with a few key presses. The MTTimeTracker application consists of 3 distinct parts: the Smart device application, PC Client application and the web service / web site. $99 for all three applications. Free trial version. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, May 1 2005 by ChrisD
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